7 Tips To Keep In Mind When Buying Curtains For Your Kids Rooms

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Guest Post- Jason Phillips

Curtains are one of those things that are absolutely necessary and often incredibly expensive. Here are our top tips for saving money when buying curtains for your kids bedrooms.

Buy Second Hand

If you're just moving out, you're likely to know other people doing the same. See if there's anyone you know looking to change their curtains and offer to buy them from them – it'll be much cheaper second-hand, and unless they're ancient, they'll work perfectly fine. It does limit your range of options, but it's a great way of cutting costs. It's worth asking the previous owners of your new place whether they'd be willing to leave theirs behind for a small price – after all, they'll already match the décor and be fitted, saving you a lot of hassle.

Buy Online

Buying online direct from suppliers can knock a huge amount of the cost of curtains. Whilst there's the risk that you don't get to see them before you buy them, there are ways to avoid this becoming an issue. Look for sites with really good reviews, ask for personal recommendations, and double-check return policies. The best sites will allow you to return them for free within a certain timescale if you don't like them.  Plus, you'll often find a much wider range of styles online since they're not paying for physical space.

Buy Thermal Lined Curtains

Thermal lined curtains are more expensive than normal curtains, so you might wonder how this will save you money. It won't at the actual point of purchase, but it will in the months afterwards – especially during winter. Thermal lined curtains can cut the amount you spend on heating quite substantially, saving you money in the long run. They also have the added benefit of often being blackout curtains too, meaning your kids won't wake up to the sun in your eyes in the early hours of the morning.  They might just sleep in a bit later too!

Buy Thermal Lining Separately

Like the idea of thermal lined curtains but want to save even more money? You can buy the thermal lining yourself separately from a fabric shop and stitch it to the back of the curtains or hang it separately behind them. You don't have to be a very competent stitcher to do this, either – a basic grasp of running stitch should do just fine. Of course, if you're the sort of person who wants everything to look just so, it's probably worth figuring it out how to do it properly.

You Don't Need Accessories

Check what the curtains you're buying come with. Do they come with tiebacks? If so, ask yourself whether you really need them (you probably don't). The same comes with hooks – it's often cheaper to buy these separately from a dollar store, rather than invest in the dearer ones from the shop you got the curtains themselves from.

Forget About Accuracy

If you're really looking for a cheap option, you might want to forgo exact measurements. If it's a room you don't use often, or one that they're open for most of the time, then you might be able to skimp on the size – after all, a small gap along the sides or bottom might be worth the savings you'll make from going down a size.

Sew Them From Scratch!

Okay, so this isn't technically buying curtains, it's making them. But it's a really cheap option if you're willing to invest the time. Depending on the type of curtain you need you might find this very easy or very hard, so make sure to do the research. You may also find buying designer fabrics large enough to be a challenge so plan ahead rather than just diving in there. The internet is filled with tutorials in picture, text and video form on this, so have a browse through before you decide. You can also find local classes – again, these will potentially make it dearer at the point of price, but you'll also learn a new skill to make money off, by making curtains for all your friends.

Why Not Choose Linen For Your Children’s Bed Sheets? 5 Playful Bed Linen Designs For Kids Rooms

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Your kid’s bedroom has to look fun and entertaining; otherwise the little ones may not want spend time in it.
What can parents do to make their bedrooms appear more enticing without investing a lot of money on new furniture or a flat-screen TV?

Believe it or not, playful bed linens can have an amazing effect. You kids will love the colorful designs and interesting patterns. You can opt for bed linen deigns with superheroes and princesses, or you can opt for the educational ones with letters and animals.

Here are 5 playful ideas that will convert your kid’s room into a fabulous environment.

1.    Bear Print Bed Linen Designs

Allow the kids to explore the woods and let them enjoy a good night sleep tucked in bed linens with bear patterns.

Consider a natural green color, and make sure the material is 100% cotton.

It is important to invest in quality too, not just in design. Cotton is comfortable and it allows the skin to breathe. As for the print, kids will definitely adore the bears, as well as the color. Consider a full set with cover, sheet and pillow cases, and create a nature-inspired bed for your beloved kids.

2. Baby Blue Linens With Car Designs

Little boys love cars, as well as the blue color.

Combine these two and make their beds cool. Consider linens with more than one car model, and before bedtime talk about the prints. Who knows, maybe your son will grow up a mechanic’s enthusiast or an engineer? Make sure the bedding set is colorful to draw his attention. Trucks, motorbikes, SUV, and others, will transform your kid’s bed into a virtual dealership. Have together before bedtime, and they will go to sleep with a lot more enthusiasm and determination.

3. Pastel Pink Linens With Star Designs

Girls are fond of lighter colors of pink, yellow and purple. They want their rooms to look colorful and playful, if possible be filled with stuffed animals, dolls, and glitter.

Choosing bed linens for girls can be challenging, and that’s because unlike boys, girls tend to be really picky. Regardless, as long as their linens have attractive patterns, they’ll certainly love to sleep in them.

Star signs, golden crowns, and even “princess” message prints are excellent ideas. Make sure that you spend time together too; read them a related story before bedtime, and they’ll love their new sheets.

4. Bed Linens With Letter Designs

Bed linens with letter designs are excellent for pre-scholars. Apart from being colorful and extremely appealing to the eye, bedding with imprinted letters is an opportunity for parents to teach the alphabet to their kids.

Do it in a fun way, but try not to make the process seem like a dreadful activity. Make it fun – associate each letter with an animal for example, and even turn to onomatopoeia to help the kids remember that animal, and its corresponding letter. To help the kids remember the letters better, go for white cotton linens with black letters (or pink for girls). This way you’ll create a visual appeal.

5. Deep Blue & Silver Stars Cotton Linens

Kids are drawn by strong color palettes, such as deep blue, green or yellow.

To convince them to go to bed on time, you could buy them a set of linens with star prints. Combined with deep blue, their beds will look like the sky at night. Make sure the pillow cases have moon designs, and they will have the most relaxing sleep. Bedding for children is not easy to pick. The secret is to consider attractive patterns and soft materials.

We spend too much time spending money on low quality items that don’t last. But when it comes to linen fabric for kids ‘beds, we can’t afford to compromise.

It is important to purchase quality linens because when they’re little, kids sleep a lot.

They’re growing and you can’t risk ruining their health with low quality linens that trigger rashes and allergies. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should buy expensive sheets you can’t afford.

Stick to 100% cotton because it is both comfortable and durable, and stay as far away as possible from synthetic fibers.

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How To Buy Kids Room Furniture On A Shoestring Budget

ANIMAL ALPHABET DECAL in French  Alphabet with animal names , first letters, Rhino, Giraffe, Walrus, Yak, Bear, Falcon, Mouse

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Guest Post Jason Phillips

Every child grows up, usually far faster than a parent would like them too. It can quickly become apparent that your son or daughter no longer wants friends around to visit as their room is now dated. Children’s interest move on quickly and what ruled their world last year will now appear suitable for babies.

It can be a considerable expense every time you redecorate the room. The furniture will usually need changing and carpets and curtains replaced. The bigger issue is that all these new items will be outdated within a year and the whole process will have to start again.  Before you spend your hard earned money it is advisable to take stock of the following points; they will save you money and hassle in the long term:


Creating a themed room provides an amazing space for your child but it will quickly go out of date. This is true whether it is a specific film; such as a superhero, or a general theme such as pirates. Instead of themes the room should be decorated in such a way that it can grow with your child. In fact, wherever possible your child should be involved in the decision process of how to redecorate the room. This method allows you to control the finances and limit the spending whilst your child gets to choose and mix the colors. If they are involved in the room from the start they will have more interest and association with it as they grow older.

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Selecting The furniture

Once baby furniture has been outgrown it should be possible to purchase items which will serve you child as they grow up; regardless of the color of the room. Plain white or natural bespoke designer furniture works well for girls whilst nature or stained wood is good for boys.

It is essential to decide your budget before talking to your child. They need to understand that there is a set amount of funds available for the redecoration and their room has to be created within this limit. Certain items are essential and some will be seen as optional extras or luxuries. It is important to ensure your child understands the difference before they start planning.

Drawing a plan can be a good starting point. You and your child should discuss what the room needs and walk around it placing items on the paper. This can be followed up with getting them to draw their ultimate fantasy room and you will be able to see if there is any way of adding pieces of this into his final design.



The furnishings and the floor are fairly expensive and are not something you want to change regularly. The walls and even the ceiling can be painted again and again. If your child wants every wall a different color then let them. It is their room and they need to be happy in it. If you are not able to cope with the choices your child might make it is better to get paint swatches of colors you are happy with and tell them to choose from the ones you have. It may be useful to note it is easier to match walls to linens rather than the other way round; it is therefore essential to pick the linens first.

Mind Their interests

The room should reflect the current interests and hobbies of your child. A hobby such as model airplanes can be included by having planes hanging from the ceiling and a plane style duvet cover.  Their interests will change as they grow older but if it is their work on display it is easy to update as the years pass.


Rather than use expensive branded accessories opt for posters or get your child to create their own collage from work they have completed and photos they have taken. This will provide a much more personal feel in the room. The room should make your child feel comfortable and not as though they are in a museum where they are not allowed to touch anything..

Last but not least, remember that the room needs to be kept organized and tidy. When planning the room it is essential to think about where everything will be stored. There is usually space under a bed or in the bottom of a closet; it is also possible to cupboards or drawer units to ensure everything has a place. The more items which have a home and are put away the better the space works for all concerned.