EASY INEXPENSIVE Ideas For Stenciling Carpets And Walls

Stencils For Floors And Rugs

Floor cloths can be a stylish way of covering a large area without the expense of purchasing extra large carpets. If you are looking for a unique color theme, with a particular style in mind, custom painted floor rugs might be the way to go.

You can use large scale canvas drop cloths from Home Depot or a plain rug purchased from Ikea.  Others have used vinyl remnants to make their painted rugs.  Here are some tips for making your own rug from a canvas.

1.  Set Up In A Room That Won’t Be Disturbed- Chances are a project like this will take more than a weekend to complete.  You don’t want the kids or the family dog tracing their little  prints across the cloth.  Set up in a space that is dust-free and well-ventilated. Consider working in a garage or a room which you can close the door and open the window.

2.  Shrink The Cloth-  Canvas is made of 100 percent cotton, so needs to be preshrunk before painting. When purchasing canvas, it is suggested to allow yourself 8 extra inches in all directions for shrinkage and hemming. To shrink the canvas, soak the canvas by scrubbing hot water onto the entire surface. When the canvas has been evenly soaked, turn the canvas over, and wet the other side.  Leave the canvas flat and allow it to dry completely for a day or two.

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Make Over Your Tweens Bedroom By Shining The Spotlight On Her Bed

Scandinavian home of Nicolette Horn

Scandinavian home of Nicolette Horn

Scandinavian home of Nicolette Horn

Pink Bedroom in Norway by Nicolette Horn, Read more at housebeautiful.com

Guest Post Jason Phillips

Your tweens room is often the most colorful room in the house. This is because your young lady isn't afraid to venture into bright colors, and unusual decor.

As a parent, how can you revive your daughter room and their need for change without spending a huge amount of money on new furniture or accessories? You could focus on the bed.  Change it up, and give them something different, fresh and new.....

1.    Invest In A Fluffy Duvet

Duvets are a fundamental part of bedding. It should be used with a top sheet because it comes with a washable, removable cover. When purchasing a duvet cover, make sure to select one with an insert. Work with your daughter in selecting a duvet.  Involving her in  the design process may allow her to appreciate the items you both select. During the summer, fold the duvet and use a coverlet instead of a quilt.

2.    Wool Blankets Are Always A Great Buy

In terms of material, wool is the best because it is warm in the winter. In fact, it is the warmest blanket you can purchase.  Merino wool has the finest quality; the material traps warmth and it makes sure the body rests comfortably during the night. For the daughter with allergies, you can opt for blankets made of a non-allergenic synthetic material. These are less expensive, but equally soft.

Cotton Jersey Sheet Set, Queen, Bright Pink

Cotton Jersey Sheet Set, Bright Pink

3.    Brightly Colored Bed Linens Can Be Visually Interesting

Bed sheets come in sets, most of them include a flat, a fitted, and two pillowcases. When selecting bed linens, you should pay close attention to the fabric. Egyptian cotton may be the best, although it is also the most expensive. As an alternative, it is important to stick to 100% cotton. In terms of design, warm colors with prints are ideal. For gals, pastel pinks and yellows are great picks.

4.    Shams Can Make An Impact In A Room

Average shams accommodate ordinary pillows that are between 20 and 26 inch. These bedding accessories are great at making a tweens room look grown up and updated. They open up in the middle, thus preventing viewers to see the actual color of the pillow. In terms of design, the variety is endless.

American Jane Patterns Swiss Miss Quilt

American Jane Patterns Swiss Miss Quilt

5.    Quilt's Can Offer A Historical Flavor To The Room

Most of today’s quilts are stitched and machine washable. They’re lighter in weight than comforters and duvets, which make them perfect for cooler seasons. In terms of style, the quilt should match the overall décor of the room. Colorful patterns can be dominant, which basically means you can opt for the brightest sort you can find.  Go for two toned quilts.  They seem to look the most current, such as the one above.

Pointehaven Heavy Weight Printed Flannel Twin XL Sheets Set

Pointehaven Heavy Weight Printed Flannel Twin XL Sheets Set

Flannel Sheets

Cuddl Duds Full Size Heavyweight 4-Piece Flannel Sheet Set

6.    Go For A Pattern When Buying Flannel Sheets

When purchasing sheets made of flannel, it is important to look for labels that say “pre-shrunk”. You don’t want to wake up one day and realize that the sheets don’t fit the bed anymore.  Go for something "grown-up", yet a slight pattern to give visual interest to the bed.

7.    Invest In Bed Collections For A Pulled Together Look

Go for collections that include several pieces in one package.  Coverlets are similar to quilts, only they’re lighter. Appropriate in the summer, these are perfect duvet replacements. Consider colorful, vibrant designs and patterns.  Accent pillows are available in a wealth of sizes, these pillows add a splash of color to every room. A bed skirt will instantly create a streamlined, clean look. Let a bed skirt keep things stored under the bed out of sight and organized.

The right linen fabric doesn’t just make the bedroom look appealing, but it also helps inspire your daughter in her goals through life.  An inspiring bedroom can motivate her in so many creative directions as she ventures on to middle school, and then to high school.

Katie Rosenfeld

Katie Rosenfeld Interior Design

Clara Clark Bright Colored Bedding Colortastic Juvenile Series Complete DUVET COVER SET,

Clara Clark Premier 1800 Series 2-Piece Sets

7 Tips To Keep In Mind When Buying Curtains For Your Kids Rooms

Dream Factory Gingham Check 3-Piece Kids Bedroom Curtain Panel Set

Dream Factory Gingham Check 3-Piece Kids Bedroom Curtain Panel Set- Amazon

Guest Post- Jason Phillips

Curtains are one of those things that are absolutely necessary and often incredibly expensive. Here are our top tips for saving money when buying curtains for your kids bedrooms.

Buy Second Hand

If you're just moving out, you're likely to know other people doing the same. See if there's anyone you know looking to change their curtains and offer to buy them from them – it'll be much cheaper second-hand, and unless they're ancient, they'll work perfectly fine. It does limit your range of options, but it's a great way of cutting costs. It's worth asking the previous owners of your new place whether they'd be willing to leave theirs behind for a small price – after all, they'll already match the décor and be fitted, saving you a lot of hassle.

Buy Online

Buying online direct from suppliers can knock a huge amount of the cost of curtains. Whilst there's the risk that you don't get to see them before you buy them, there are ways to avoid this becoming an issue. Look for sites with really good reviews, ask for personal recommendations, and double-check return policies. The best sites will allow you to return them for free within a certain timescale if you don't like them.  Plus, you'll often find a much wider range of styles online since they're not paying for physical space.

Buy Thermal Lined Curtains

Thermal lined curtains are more expensive than normal curtains, so you might wonder how this will save you money. It won't at the actual point of purchase, but it will in the months afterwards – especially during winter. Thermal lined curtains can cut the amount you spend on heating quite substantially, saving you money in the long run. They also have the added benefit of often being blackout curtains too, meaning your kids won't wake up to the sun in your eyes in the early hours of the morning.  They might just sleep in a bit later too!

Buy Thermal Lining Separately

Like the idea of thermal lined curtains but want to save even more money? You can buy the thermal lining yourself separately from a fabric shop and stitch it to the back of the curtains or hang it separately behind them. You don't have to be a very competent stitcher to do this, either – a basic grasp of running stitch should do just fine. Of course, if you're the sort of person who wants everything to look just so, it's probably worth figuring it out how to do it properly.

You Don't Need Accessories

Check what the curtains you're buying come with. Do they come with tiebacks? If so, ask yourself whether you really need them (you probably don't). The same comes with hooks – it's often cheaper to buy these separately from a dollar store, rather than invest in the dearer ones from the shop you got the curtains themselves from.

Forget About Accuracy

If you're really looking for a cheap option, you might want to forgo exact measurements. If it's a room you don't use often, or one that they're open for most of the time, then you might be able to skimp on the size – after all, a small gap along the sides or bottom might be worth the savings you'll make from going down a size.

Sew Them From Scratch!

Okay, so this isn't technically buying curtains, it's making them. But it's a really cheap option if you're willing to invest the time. Depending on the type of curtain you need you might find this very easy or very hard, so make sure to do the research. You may also find buying designer fabrics large enough to be a challenge so plan ahead rather than just diving in there. The internet is filled with tutorials in picture, text and video form on this, so have a browse through before you decide. You can also find local classes – again, these will potentially make it dearer at the point of price, but you'll also learn a new skill to make money off, by making curtains for all your friends.