10 Simple DIY Projects to Add Fun to Your Kid’s Room

Fox light switch and outlet covers

Fox light switch and outlet covers  - Found on onekingslane.com

Do it yourself projects often feel overwhelming, especially if you have kids. However there are many DIY projects that take only a few minutes and a couple of materials that can make a big impact in your child’s room. Here are some fun and simple DIY decorating ideas that you can complete in no time:

1. Hula Hoop Chandelier – This fun lighting element is perfect for a child’s room. All you need to make it is a hula hoop, some Christmas lights, and some lace ribbon. You can even use other kids of ribbon that can fit the theme or color scheme of your child’s room. The first step is to wrap white icicle Christmas lights around the hula hoop. The icicle lights work best to have that dangling effect and give you a lot more light than normal varieties. Attach the lights with tape and the cover the hula hoop and tape with the ribbon. Wrap it around tightly to cover up anything you don’t want seen. Use wire to hang the hoop from the ceiling for a fun chandelier for any child’s room! It is light and easy to hang almost anywhere, and no electrical skills are needed.

2. Patterned Outlet Covers – Want to bring even more fun to your kid’s room? Why not cover the outlets with fun patterns? Scrapbook paper and peel and stick paper work great. Just outline the outlet shape and cut out the paper. Then peel and stick for a fun addition to your child’s room décor. You can even incorporate outlet safety covers so that your child is safe from sticking things in the outlets. Try this with light switches too.

3. Chalkboard Wall Art – I love the way chalkboard art looks, but I don’t want to pay that much for it. Why not make your own chalkboard art. You can paint an entire wall of your child’s room with chalkboard paint and let them decorate it themselves. Or take and old mirror and paint over it with chalkboard paint to make a cool framed work of art. You can even use stickers on the mirror to spell out your child’s name. Paint over the stickers with the chalkboard paint and then peel off when dry to reveal their name in the mirror!

4. Fairy Garden Terrarium – Have fun with your kids and help them to learn about plants by creating your own fairy garden terrarium. Using old jars or cool shaped clear containers, fill the bottom with pebbles or marbles for drainage. Then add a layer of dirt and some succulents. Create tiny fairy houses and furniture out of sticks and leaves you gathered together outside and your terrarium is complete. Set it in the window for some sun. Kids will love it and it adds a splash of green to their room. Just don’t forget to water the plants every once in a while!

5. Patterned Furniture – Finding kid’s furniture is hard, but harder yet is finding it in the colors and style that will fit your kid’s room décor. Why not paint your furniture to match instead? Buy plain kids furniture in a style you like and then use paint to give it the feel of custom made. Stencils work great to add patterns and interest and it doesn’t take long for you to create a one of a kind set just for your child!

6. Recycled Paper Wall Art – Want cool wall art without the price? Use stuff you already have! Comic book pages make for fun wallpaper in a child’s room. Or Use an old frame and cut out some comic pages to make your own fun collage. Plain books work great as backgrounds too. Use pages out of a book to line an old frame and then paint something fun and kid-friendly like flowers or abstract colorful shapes on it for one of a kind art.

7. Watch Me Grow Wall Art – Kids grow out of clothes so fast it seems like you can never get one outfit to be worn twice. Instead of throwing out all those outgrown clothes, why not make art out of them. Use canvas and staple outfits you loved to them for fun wall art. As they grow you can see their size and tastes change. This is also a great idea for teens. They can take all those t-shirts they collect at concerts and sports games and hang them on the walls instead of taking up room in the closets.

8. Gutter Bookshelves – Got lots of children’s books but no place to display them? Gutters work great as book holders for children’s books. Just mount them low enough for your child to reach and then lean the books against the wall. Kids can see what they have and are more likely to reach for a book then if they were stuffed into a bookshelf. Fun and functional!

9. Go Clutter Free and Decorate – Kids collect things. Marbles, Legos, balls, cars, you name it. Why not cut down on the clutter and make that collection a work of art? Use a large clear jar or vase to store all these items and all of a sudden they look cool instead of cluttered. Baskets and other decorative storage methods also work great for collections of toys.

10. Simple Headboard – Don’t want to invest in a headboard for a bed your child will grow out of? Why not make your own? All it takes is some wood or even cardboard and material to make a unique headboard your child will love. Cut it into a fun shape and cover with colorful material for a headboard that really stands out in no time!

Making your child’s room pop with DIY projects doesn’t have to be hard or expensive. In fact, most of these projects can be completed in less than an hour for practically nothing! Get creative and use things you already have to make your child’s room the place to hang out and have fun!

Rachael Cherry is a wife, mother, and writer who is passionate about helping connect families in need with high quality caregivers. She has taken that passion and put it to work through NannyPro, a respected online nanny referral service. Learn more by visiting

@NannyPro on Twitter.

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