3 Items That Will Bring Your Kids Room Together

Suellen Gregory

You’ve finally created the room of your dreams, but it feels like something is missing. Whether you are re-creating your living space, your dining space, or a bedroom space, sometimes a room can be close to perfect without actually being perfect. What’s missing is one final touch; one little detail that will tie the room together and create a perfect finish. Here are three items that will bring any room together for a look that encompasses elegance, comfort, and appeal.

A Rug

A big area rug is the perfect complement to any room. It brings everything together and ties everything in. In a master bedroom, an area rug would look phenomenal set partially beneath the bed with a small chest at the foot of the bed. A bold color will make a neutral room pop. A neutral rug with hints of the colors used to decorate a room has a bold effect on any room. The key is to find a large rug proportionate to the room you want to finish and tying it in with the color scheme of the room, whether you choose to go subtle or bold.

Window Treatments

No matter how fabulous a room looks, without the right window treatments it’s not complete. You will find a variety of gorgeous window treatments at that will look amazing in any room. To make your room look even more amazing, try hanging your curtain rods as close to the ceiling as you can. Choosing floor length window treatments to hang will draw your guest’s eyes up, making your room appear much larger than it actually is. 

Wall Art

You’ve chosen a color scheme and brought it together to create the room of your dreams, yet the room still looks a little bare. What’s a homeowner to do? The answer is simple. All you need to do is hang a painting. A beautiful focal point painting on the main wall of your room is the solution to tying this room together. Some abstract that incorporates all the colors you used to decorate the room is an excellent option. It will bring everything together at last.

It’s easy to create a great space, but tying everything together seems to challenge many. Fortunately, it’s easy to bring a room together with one small accent or item that incorporates a bit of everything in the room. Your dream room is an accent away. All you have to do is figure out which accent you need.

Frame Fabric -Mackenzie Horan

BEKVÄM Spice rack - IKEA axsoris.com

 Frame pages from a beautiful book

Colorful Art Little Lovely (via Pinterest)

Layer Rugs- Amber Interior Design

Art By Kirra Jamison

Digital Organization of Kids Artwork

Collect your child’s favorite 112 pieces and start scanning!  You can
manipulate and consistently re-size the images to about the size of a
business card to create this 60 x 40 pop art piece.  A project that will
leave you both proud of your child, and yourself.  Image Source: Jan Eleni

Affordable Art: Framed Wallpaper

Train Collection- Home Beautiful Magazine

Decorate With Luggage or Trunks

Globe Trotter Luggage

Creative Ways To Display Childrens Art- Using Metal Clips

Creative Ways To Display Childrens Art- By Using A Cable System

Finding it hard to source art that will perfectly complement your room style and colour scheme? Love a certain wallpaper pattern, but not brave enough to commit to a whole wall?
Consider using wallpaper offcuts as quirky framed pieces of art.

Make Cheeky Art From Sock Monkeys or Other Soft Toys-Paint a bulletin board, including the frame (the bluish tone here is Wedgwood Gray  by Benjamin Moore), then use T-pins to suspend the creatures (it won’t hurt a bit), bringing some smiles to an otherwise serious space. A hand vac at close range will keep dust under control. Additional members of the pack can live in a trunk or a suitcase. Throw in some cedar blocks to help protect wool from moths. Oak-framed bulletin board (similar to shown), $112, csnstores.com. Sock-monkey collection courtesy of Janet West.

Make Nautical Flags With Your Sewing Machine

Nautical kids. Designer Anne Hepfer.

Enlarge the cover of a favorite or vintage book- Little Green Notebook (via Pinterest)

 Frame Pages From A Calendar- The Indigo Bunting (via Pinterest)

Create A Large Text Painting With Shoe Polish- Use Pink, Red or Green To Add A Vibrant Color Into Your Kids Room

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