3 Ways To Create Maximum Space In Your Kid’s Room

Storyteller Repurposed Furniture by Isabel QuirogaRepurposed Furniture by Isabel Quiroga

Guest Post Annette

Keeping a child’s room organized and nice-looking can be problematic at times. Often times, a child’s room is dimensionally small. Given that children have several toys and other items, a room can look like a disaster within a matter of minutes. The key to making and keeping a child’s room presentable rests in easy-to-do methods that make a substantial difference.

1. Cabinets

Cabinets are deceptively pleasing. Although they can store a wide array of items and are highly customizable, from the outside, they lend a streamlined appearance that adds to the illusion of emptiness, and thus, tidiness. When a room looks cluttered, despite the best efforts to arrange it, it overwhelms the senses. Cabinets can store various methods of shelving and features items on each cabinet door for smaller items to maximum efficiency of storage space. Pictures and regular décor that are normally placed on the wall can be placed on cabinets to keep the room in uniform appearance of its desired theme.

2. Shutters

Shutters serve as a beautiful focal point and add warmth and dimension. Shutters are naturally more aesthetically pleasing than other forms of window coverings. They are highly effective at maximizing heating and cooling properties within the room and are of good quality, ensuring they will maintain their structural integrity. For instance, sunburstshutters.com/shutters offers amazing, beautiful shutters that will improve the look and feel of your child’s room and provide comfort to children while they’re playing and sleeping. Despite the fact that shutters are the preferred method of window coverings, they are easier to clean than other window coverings, making them a smarter option for a child’s room.

3.  Styles Of Furniture

There are several styles of furniture that create efficiency in space. For instance, high-sitting beds allow for desk storage underneath. Other forms of bedding can be stored away in the daytime or allow for storage bins to be placed underneath. Any furniture or storage method that maximizes space will instantly improve the room. Choose shelving where possible. Maximize closet space with customized shelves, cabinets and other space-saving items. Using these methods will keep the appearance of an organized room.

Today’s demands on the family require efficiency. Children go to school, parents work, children have extracurricular activities and there are other schedule demands that make efficient forms of cleanup and storage a must for any home with or without children.

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Hang a shelf upside-down, and the brackets become separators. Martha Stewart

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