7 Stylish Storage Options For Toy Clutter

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Families with children often deal with the problem of toy clutter. They find that there are perpetually toys lying around the house, waiting to be tripped over. While putting them in a pile in an out-of-the-way corner of a room may decrease the possibility of tripping on them, it certainly isn't the most stylish option. Here are a few creative and stylish options for corralling toy clutter while maintaining a chic and sophisticated look in one's home.

Many children play with their toys in common areas of a home such as the living room or the family room. Therefore, it only makes sense to store a number if not all of the toys in these rooms. To remain tuned in to the style of these rooms without turning them into playrooms, one could choose baskets and bins made of natural products such as wood, leather or bamboo. These can then be stacked on the bottom shelves of bookcases or on the lower shelves of coffee or end tables where children can easily reach them.

Another option for stuffed animal storage in a living or family room is to purchase a large wicker or bamboo basket with a lid, possibly something styled similar to a hamper. Here is a stylish and natural-looking option by Oriental Furniture made out of natural grasses. The key here is to make sure the basket has a lid.

Children's books that are stored in a living room can be placed in a stylish magazine rack. Place this rack in the child’s favorite reading corner and he or she will be drawn to this spot. Here is a beautiful bamboo offering by Solutions.

Toy clutter in playrooms or bedrooms can be easily managed with some more functional products. One idea is to purchase matching clear plastic bins with lids in a variety of sizes. These can be placed on low shelves in the child's room or closet and can be labeled so that the child always knows which toys go in which box.

A more colorful option would be to use colorful open bins placed on slanted wooden storage racks. These open bins make it easy for a child to clean up after himself since there are no lids for him to open and replace. Plus, these bins can be lifted off the wooden rack at playtime. Loredana Sava shows a bright option similar to this on homedit.

The Container Store, mentions a great tip that can be put to use in a number of creative ways. They recommend using an over-the-door shoe storage hanger to corral toys when storage quarters are tight. Shoe organizers are perfect for small toys or sets of toys. A clear one, helps children see exactly what is in each pocket. On the other hand, a canvas one, such as this one from World Market will look more stylish and organized since messy toys will not be seen through the pockets.

To corral the clutter of toys in closets effectively, a smart choice would be hanging canvas closet shelving. Closet organizers typically used for shoes, such as the one below, work well in tight spaces and for smaller toys. Canvas organizers, usually used for sweaters and other folded clothing, expertly hold lightweight books and larger toys. An example of this design can be seen at Buy.com

Having children does not mean that one must live in a messy, cluttered home. By using creativity, ingenuity and a few extra resources for organizing, parents can keep their living rooms clutter-free and their children’s bedroom clean while having favorite toys always at the ready. Try one, two or all of these techniques to keep toys organized and the home guest-approved.

Author bio:

Stacy Dewald is an interior designer and writes for Gadget Gnome.

Stylish Storage Options For Toy Clutter From The Container Store

Toy Storage Ideas - www.bedmagz.com

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