8 Easy DIY Decorating Projects To Make Your Kids Room Fun And Exciting

Great Kids Decor Ideas

Picture Credit- DIY 12-Foot Long Double Desk -Found on icingonthecakeblog.com

This is so stunning and easy to make using a hula hoop for the frame and rope lighting to create a "halo effect." A perfect canopy! Found on handmaidtales.com

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Cuddle Plush Elephant ChairFound on rhbabyandchild.co

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A child’s room has to look vibrant. It must exude playfulness and liveliness but it must also be educative in a fun, innocent way. Devoted parents should think beyond average décor when it comes to the personal space of their little one. There are so many interesting ideas you can use to shed some light into a trivial space.

Here are 7 easy-to-do decorating projects that will make your kids’ room seem both appealing and enjoyable.

  • Chalkboard Walls- Adding a chalkboard on the walls of your kid’s room will encourage creativity. There are numerous types and models available, as well as a variety of colors. This DIY project is fun and interactive; kids can write on the walls, literally, without making a mess. Encourage them to draw things and have the best time learning new words.
  • Cool Light Fixture - Do you have a tight budget but you want your kid’s room to look incredible? Then head off to the closest hardware store and purchase a fun light fixture. Modify the shade through the creation of a color band; use chalkboard paint for this if you don’t want to overspend. After the surface has dried write an interesting word on it, or say something that reflects that room’s design theme. You little ones will love the idea!
  • Make Chairs Pretty- Update ordinary chairs and use fabric or paint to revamp the style. Start by sanding the frame; then use paint to change the color, and at the end finish off with a coat of primer. Paint the chair in a gorgeous shade and make sure it matches with the fabric you’ll use for the seat cushion. To make things even more interesting, add a brand new layer of foam to the frame of the chair, warp the fabric around the edges and use a stapler to finish off the whole thing.
  • Chalkboard Lamps With Goodnight Messages - This is such an original and enticing idea. Leave sweet, loving messages for your kid by writing fun stuff on their chalkboard lamps. Make sure to invest in lamps that are wide; then use primer and chalkboard paint to make them look like real writing boards; then use chalk to leave caring messages.
  • Personalized Crown Molding -If your kid’s room doesn’t have crown molding you can make it with paint. All you have to do is run down the ceiling color onto the walls of the room with a few inches. Use painter’s paint to make the job easier. As soon as this step has been completed, stencil a nice decorative touch along the walls, right under the fake molding. If you’re in the mood for further customization you could try using your own imagination to make the stencil; this will add more personality to the room.
  • Mapped Discovery Room -Do you have a child who’s overly creative, or maybe overly curious? Then you should introduce him to the wonders of travel. Paint maps on the walls of his bedroom; do it manually with a paint brush. Give names to the cities and countries, and use different colors for special places you’d like to see with your kid. Apart from being fun, maps have an educational purpose; also, they help with the development of a visual memory.

Swoop Mat Amazon

  • Create Easy Toy Storage- Create toy boxes from vintage dressers and cabinets.  This toy storage from Swoop Mat makes it easy to clean up messes in a snap!
  • Update A Footstool -Fun fabric and colorful paint can instantly update an ottoman or small stool. Begin by sanding the frame, and then use a coat of primer and paint to change the color of the stool. To re-cover the cushion you should cut fabric in the size of the cushion; leave some extra material for the sides too. This way you’ll have enough to pull under and staple. Now assemble the cushion to the stool’s frame and it’s done. Don’t forget to use soft materials for the cushions; this way your kids will love spending more time in their rooms.

Think outside the box, use color the smart way, and opt for the coolest made to measure curtains or other DIY projects available. At the end, your kids will love spending more time in their personal space – drawing on walls and having a good time rather than playing video games on their computers.

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