A Touch of Pantone for a Charming Nursery Décor

Nursery Decor

For a charming nursery makeover, tap into the power of Pantone’s color palette this spring! Rose quartz and serenity are ideal hues for kids’ rooms, and they will create a perfect backdrop for playtime and peaceful dreams. Baby blue will look very suave in a boy’s room, while muted pink notes will enchant your little princess or would-be ballerina – and you can even combine the two hues if you are eager to experiment and have a basic understanding of the color wheel.

Here are a few simple tricks on how to update the nursery look with a touch of Pantone’s 2016 Colors of the Year.

1. A lavish boudoir fit for a Disney princess

For a romantic sleeping area, attach a canopy in rose quartz over your little princess’ bed. Girls love canopies (blame it on Disney if you will), and you easily can make one to win bonus points in your little one’s heart. Simply drill four holes in a hula hoop (the holes should be at the same distance from each other) and attach a shower curtain, cotton textile, or a gauzy fabric in rose quartz which you can find at Fabric Traders to a large shower ring. Draw four pieces of strong nylon rope through the holes, and bind them together at the upper end. Install a ceiling hook and finally secure the hoop-come-canopy and spread it across the bed. Lovely!

Kids Rooms

2. Add a Pantone-inspired toy basket

Your kid needs a safe place to store all their beloved stuffed friends, so add an oversized wicker basket to the nursery to create a convenient plaything storage spot. You can spray-paint the basket in rose quartz or baby blue: take the basket outside and protect the area around it with old newspapers, mix red or blue and white paint in a container until you get the right tone, and spray away! (A word of advice: avoid touching the freshly painted basket until completely dry to avoid leaving nasty fingerprint smears on the surface).

3. Dreamy linens for sweet dreams

Spruce up the décor by throwing in rose quartz or baby blue linens in the nursery. A charming spot for your little one to embark on adventures in the world of dreams, linens in Pantone’s Colors of The Year will pair well with most nursery looks and color schemes, especially if topped by a few like-colored accessories such as pillows, throws, and area rugs.


4. A little bit of mix and match

Rose quartz and light blue are very rewarding tones in terms of color coordination: you can pair them with most neutral and muted hues or their own intense counterparts (plain red and bright blue, that is). If you intend to use rose quartz as the dominant tone in the room, your choice of secondary colors will include red, fuchsia, white, gold, purple, violet, and beige. Muted blue will look nice next to soft green, clear blue, white, khaki, and light brown, but it will not look out of place even if matched with dark brown, navy blue, and grey.

Kids rooms 3

5. Pantone wallpapers for wall-safe playtime

Kids like to draw and scribble, which is absolutely cool for as long as their visual masterpieces do not wind up on the nursery walls. To minimize risk of little dirty handprints and an odd doodle  on brilliant white background, cover the walls with wallpapers in rose quartz or light blue. You can also create a monochromatic décor by applying adhesive wallpapers in Pantone’s Colors of the Year to the wardrobe and doors, and finishing off the gentle look by a cute Pantone-colored area rug.

From plain to Pantone, every room could use a dash of lovable soft colors. This year, interior designers worldwide are embracing Pantone colors and introducing them into home décors, and you can follow in their footsteps right there in your nursery!

Zoe ClarkAuthor Zoe Clark 

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