Adding Color to a Kid’s Room

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When you think about a child’s room you usually think about bright colors and happy memories. Because there are so many different colors and patterns to choose from, however, it can be a little daunting to try and come up with a way to make your child’s room both colorful and stylish. Here are some ideas that can help you to incorporate color into your kid’s room while still having it fit in with the décor style of the rest of your home:

1.    Go for patterns – Patterns like chevrons, polka dots, or stripes can add a lot of interest to a room without making it look cheesy. Try to stick with a theme and contrast the colors for maximum effect. Bright bold colors like red, blue, and green work best when paired with a more subtle color like white or cream. You can also mix and match patterns for a fun effect, but be sure that the colors blend well or it will just end up disorienting and messy looking. This style will not work well for all children as some find too many patterns to be overwhelming.

2.    Stay basic – The basic colors are ones we all know and love. They work perfectly for a child’s room. Bright blue, deep green, vibrant red, pure pink, stark white and more can make a room seem sunny and bright no matter what the dimensions are. For a fun burst of color do not just paint the walls. Try painting furniture in bright colors. Opposites work well like orange and blue paired together. You can also do shades of the same color for a blended effect like butter yellow and lemon yellow or sky blue and navy.

3.    Paint the ceiling – The ceiling of a room is most often left blank, but why should it be? A lot of children have trouble sleeping but a colorful or interesting ceiling can give them something to keep their interest while they wait for the sandman to pay them a visit. Try to keep the colors muted for best effect or go bold with artwork pasted to the ceiling. This can also be a great place for your child’s art to be featured for years to come and just think how proud that will make them as they look up to see their art displayed. Foam boards or simple sticky tape work well to adhere things to the ceiling without making it permanent.

4.    Murals are cool –Speaking of art, a wall mural can be just the thing to add interest and color to a child’s room. You can paint almost any scene in a child’s room and they will love it. From a beach with a pirate ship in the distance to an underwater oasis for mermaids to a sky full of airplanes or a jungle full of monkeys, kid’s imaginations will bring these murals to life. If you are artistic you can paint it on yourself or hire a local painter to do the job for you. You can even purchase some wallpaper murals in specialty stores.

5.    Chalk sets you free –If you are not that artistic but your child is then a chalkboard boarder around the room might be just the deal for you. It does not just come in plain black either. In fact you can make your own chalkboard paint in almost any color. Supply your child with chalk and erasers and let them have a blast decorating and redecorating their room to their heart’s content. Not only do they get to have a room that is just for them, but you get to see their growing artistic talent every day without having to repaint their bedroom!

6.    Wall stickers add interest –Another way to add color and interest to a child’s room is to buy wall stickers. These stickers come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can even be made as life size replicas of photos you have taken. Have a wall sticker made of your child’s ballet recital or their soccer game. Or go for more generic stickers like animals, flowers, trees, or aliens. Kids will get a kick out of them and you can peel and stick without having to worry about repainting. Plus these are safe from damage or disaster so you can rest easy.

7.    Fabrics are fun – Adding colorful fabrics to a child’s room is as easy as one, two, three. Curtains and pillowcases offer great opportunities for even the clumsiest sewer. You can experiment with different fabric types, different patterns, and different colors all without having to spend a lot of money. Go from the plush to the playful to the gauzy all in one room. Even if the room does not have windows you can still create the illusion of one by framing a picture with curtains for a fun and eye opening effect. You can even make a room divider out of material for children who have to share a room. This way they have all the separation of a wall but without the expense of actually installing one. Plus, when they are getting along they can open the room up again to share the space. This is a great solution for homes with more kids then bedrooms!


8.    Storage as decoration – We all know that storage is a big deal in kid’s rooms. They have so many toys and so much junk laying around that it is almost impossible to keep it picked up. Add color to the room and keep it neat at the same time by adding colorful storage options. A bookshelf can be painted a vibrant color, a simple shelf can be made into a book display area for a double whammy of storage and décor, or you can turn a windowsill into a train full off odds and ends. The choices are many and some stores offer cool furniture solutions that can help kids put away their toys in a fun and colorful way.

9.    Flooring does not have to be boring –If you think wooden floors or carpet are your only options then think again. Colorful throw rugs can add a blast of color to a child’s room and you can even make your own out of rags or strips of cloth. You can also invest in removable paint and paint your wooden floors with flowers, animals and more. Little kids love to play with cars, so a raceway across their floor may be just the thing to keep them happy for hours. You can also have fun with fake animal skin rugs, fluffy shag, or soft foam flooring for a durable and fun alternative.

10.    Streamers are not just for parties – If you think the ceiling has to be flat and boring then think again. The newest fad in children’s rooms is streamers. Pretty material draped across the ceiling is out of children’s reach to destroy and still adds beauty and color to the room. Try multi colored flags, colorful bunches of ribbon, or just drape gauzy material across the ceiling for a neat effect. You can also create a tent feel with gathered material in the center of the room. Go for bold stripes to get the full effect.

These are just a few of the ways that you can add color to your child’s room. The great thing about it is that many of these options do not involve a large investment. In fact, they are small simple changes that you can do on your own over a weekend. So, whether you are expecting your first child or have so many children that you do not know what to do, you still have the time and money to add color and style to their rooms.

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