Betsey Johnson’s Pink Kids Room Suite

Bubble gum pink is a favorite color for kids room decor, and fashion designer Betsey Johnson is a master at incorporating it into a room.  For example, her use of it in a room in the famous Plaza Hotel in New York City received rave reviews.  Betsey Johnson is well known for her hip street fashion collections and youthful trends that stand out amongst the hundreds of labels and fashion designers that debut each year. She is not afraid to make bold choices when it comes to color, and her offbeat style enables her to mix together the perfect ingredients for a whimsical kids room.  Betsey Johnson designed the unforgettable suite you see in the picture above inside the Plaza Hotel in New York City using a candy pink color palette.  The suite was inspired by Eloise, a children's book character who frequently gets lost in adventures in The Plaza Hotel.  The series of Eloise Books were written by Kay Thompson and illustrated by Hilary Knight.  The series includes other titles such as "The Absolutely Essential Eloise" and "Eloise in Paris".

The whimsical 18th floor suite was designed to have a french flair.  The design utilized hot pink as the central theme color along with accented gold and white and many child-like fabric patterns which helped pull the storybook theme together.  The room has splashes of colorful high end french furniture which is fitting as the Plaza Hotel is one of the most luxurious hotels in New York.  The centerpiece of the room is the guided rococo period bed which is upholstered in faux pink pleather and heavily accented by the gold gilded frame.  The two French Louis bergere chairs accent the room and are re-upholstered in pink floral chintz.   The walls are wallpapered in a hot pink candy stripe which is accented by wainscoting.   A chandelier of pink bulbs gives a sense of calm to the room and zebra-print carpet ties in with the storybook as Eloise is shown to be in a black and pink striped room in the storybook.  "Betseyville Rose" custom prints adorn the wall, alongside various quotes from the book.  There is no doubt, this room was designed for a princess.

Betsey Johnson's Pink Eloise Suite

Betsy Johnsons suite Pictures From DNA Info

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Betsey Johnson's Pink Eloise Suite

Betsey Johnson's Pink Eloise Suite

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Betsey Johnson designs for the Eloise Suite inside the Plaza hotel in New York

Betsey Johnson's Pink Eloise Suite

Betsey Johnson's Penthouse

Betsey Johnson's  Penthouse From Stilist

Betsey Johnson's Penthouse

Betsey Johnson's  Penthouse From Ad Spirit Blog

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