Kid Friendly Rubber Flooring: Attractive, Durable and Safe

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Playroom with a bright yellow rubber floor-Flooring by The Rubber Flooring Company,1850 – A Small Studio, Also seen in Best Home Design

Guest Post Jason Phillips

Having children can make decorating hard, and cleaning up even harder! Finding a blend of attractive, durable and […]

How to Decorate Your Nursery as a First Time Mom

Painted Chippendale Furniture – Found on

Guest Post Edna Thomson

Being a mum for the first time is both charming and challenging. There are so many things you need to learn as you go. One of the first things that you have to think about as a mother […]

DIY Kids Industrial Pipe Furniture Ideas

HL Pipe Bed Frame by Simplified Building Concepts on Flickr

Fittings to build a Pipe Bed Found on

Industrial Pipe furniture is quite stylish, and it doesn’t have to cost thousands to make a nice loft bed for your kids room. Gather ideas […]

Creating a Gender-Neutral Bedroom For Twins

Found on

Shelter Toddler Bed – Found on

Parents always think that decorating the nursery is an easy task, as long as it comes to their lovely baby, however, what they are supposed to do when they have a baby boy and a baby girl that […]

West Elm’s Animal Plates- Kids Wall Room Decorations

West Elm is selling a beautiful collection of animal plates that feature animals dressed up in peoples clothes. These plates would be perfect for a kids bedroom. The plates are based off paintings of real animals, which designer Rachel Kozlowski then dressed and accessorized to give characters all their […]

7 of the Coolest Kids’ Rooms

Photo Credit: Design and DIY Magazine

Guest Post By Jane Blanchard

There’s only one room in the house that tends to serve as both a playroom and bedroom alike — that’s the kids’ room. Fellow parents: wouldn’t it be awesome for kids to have a retreat […]

10 Interior Designers Remember Their Childhood Bedrooms

Designers Childhood Bedrooms – House Beautiful