2017 Trends for Nursery Heavens- Zoe Clark

Creating A Safe Healthy Room  3

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2017 Trends for Nursery Heavens

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If you’re planning to redecorate the nursery, there’s no reason why you should stick to the basics and tradition. Instead, explore the innovative and exciting ideas and designs that the year of 2017 […]

Creating a Safe, Healthy Room for Your Child


The process of choosing and decorating the nursery room is a serious and challenging task for all new parents. With a new little one on the way, your house – as well as your life – is going to be turned upside down in many ways. Keeping your infants […]

How To Make Over Old Benches And Toy Boxes By Upholstering The Top

Picture Credit – wikipedia.org

Guest Post By Ryan Barlow

If you have any old storage pieces you want to use, refresh and upholster here you will learn how. Before upholstering the item you should provide suitable cleaning of it. Use the tips here to give new life to your old furniture pieces.

Whatever […]

Nursery Furniture Worth Your Cash

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Guest Post Zoe Clark

Nursery décor is in most cases a touch-and-go task – but it gets even trickier if you are short on cash. It is only natural that moms and dads want only the fanciest of furnishings and accessories for their little […]

DIY Chic Nursery Décor: Fun Projects For Parents

Decorating a nursery can be extremely fun, especially if you have a penchant for DIY projects and experiments with scrap fabrics, reclaimed furniture, and wall art. In addition to the creative aspect, self-made nursery furniture and accessories will also keep your family budget happy and allow you to express your love for your little […]

8 Ways To Get Your Kids Room Organized

Helen Norman BHG May 2015

Any parent will know and understand the cry “Clean your room!” or “tidy your room”. There is a constant battle between lost parents and their children as you try to instill a sense of value and respect for both their environment and their possessions. Instilling […]

A $5 Dollar Vintage End Table To A Chic Lego Table- DIY Kids Furniture

Crystal from Fussy Monkey Business had a vintage end table that was sitting in her attic for 2 years which was purchased at a local garage sale for just $5 dollars. She didn’t know quite what to do with it, because it looked dated. It was when she was playing with her children, that […]