2017 Trends for Nursery Heavens- Zoe Clark

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2017 Trends for Nursery Heavens

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If you’re planning to redecorate the nursery, there’s no reason why you should stick to the basics and tradition. Instead, explore the innovative and exciting ideas and designs that the year of 2017 […]

DIY Chic Nursery Décor: Fun Projects For Parents

Decorating a nursery can be extremely fun, especially if you have a penchant for DIY projects and experiments with scrap fabrics, reclaimed furniture, and wall art. In addition to the creative aspect, self-made nursery furniture and accessories will also keep your family budget happy and allow you to express your love for your little […]

A Touch of Pantone for a Charming Nursery Décor

For a charming nursery makeover, tap into the power of Pantone’s color palette this spring! Rose quartz and serenity are ideal hues for kids’ rooms, and they will create a perfect backdrop for playtime and peaceful dreams. Baby blue will look very suave in a boy’s room, while muted pink notes will enchant your […]

EASY INEXPENSIVE Ideas For Stenciling Carpets And Walls

Floor cloths can be a stylish way of covering a large area without the expense of purchasing extra large carpets. If you are looking for a unique color theme, with a particular style in mind, custom painted floor rugs might be the way to go.

You can use large scale canvas drop cloths from […]

Make Over Your Tweens Bedroom By Shining The Spotlight On Her Bed

Scandinavian home of Nicolette Horn

Pink Bedroom in Norway by Nicolette Horn, Read more at housebeautiful.com

Guest Post Jason Phillips

Your tweens room is often the most colorful room in the house. This is because your young lady isn’t afraid […]

80+ Pictures Of Looks Around Pink and Purple

Spear Print Tray

Salmon, cerise, blush, rose, lavender, mauve, and ruby are all shades of pink. Muted shades of pink have always been associated with historical homes, and high end estates. The soft shade works beautifully with antiques that have rich woods, and shades of pink often bring out the […]

Annie Sloan Painted Furniture

Annie Sloan’s Antibes Green themodagecottage.com

A lovely secretary desk finished in Henrietta, Old White and Emperor’s Silk Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan | By Lindsay Bees Found on anniesloanunfolded.com

Annie Sloan on upholstery fabric made this one chic […]