Benjamin Moore Pottery Barn Kids Paint Colors

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Benjamin Moore Paint Colors February 2012 Pottery Barn Kids

Benjamin Moore Paint Colors July 2012 Pottery Barn Kids


Wallpaper “looks” With Masking Tape- Flashy Walls Made Easy!!!

3M’s blue tape

Painted stripes can be an easy way to add character to a space with very little money. Stripes are versatile and range in size from pinstripes to larger stripes. Here is how it is done……..

Make Stripes With Tape

I personally like to work with an steel square to make […]

5 Ways to Splash A Little Fun On Your Child’s Walls

Ellen Niven Love Is Speed Blog

When it comes to decorating a child’s room you want to make sure it is safe for them as well as cute. While traditional art has sharp edges and can be damaged by curious hands, there are many other ways to decorate the walls. […]

Neon Is Back- 80 Ideas For Your Kids Room


Fluorescents have made their way back into fashion and home decor in a big way. Add vibrancy into your home by using saturated paint shades on your accent chairs, desks, side tables and wall art. With vivid color, there are a couple tricks to getting a bold pop of color without it being overwhelming…..


The Science Behind Choosing A Paint Color For Your Kids Room

Fine fire red and gilt gold Dorothy Draper Style chest of drawers.

Greenwich Living Antiques & Design Center

Color can influence different emotional triggers. Studies have shows that children respond more to warm colors while adults tend to respond to cool colors.

Some studies suggest that […]

Kids Room Furniture Ideas- Black Numeral Dresser By Diddle Dumpling

Black Numeral Dresser- Diddle dumpling Blog

Sarah from Diddle Dumpling painted this outstanding black numeral dresser you see above. The dresser was spotted at a thrift store just before the family’s move. She started by removing the vintage wood pulls that were built onto the drawer face […]

India Hicks Colorful Home

Traditional Home featured the colorful interiors of Decorator India Hicks whose life on Harbour Island in the Bahamas is nothing short of inspiring!

India Hicks, was the 13 year old bridesmaid to Princess Diana and the goddaughter of Prince Charles. Her mother, Pamela, is the daughter of the late Lord Mountbatten and her father […]