Organizing Your Kids Toys With Custom Shelving

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Boulder Display Unit Tall Sold By:CoucouManou

If you don’t have the right storage options to keep your child’s toys organized, this can soon turn into an area of tension between you and your toddler. Walking in a toy-strewn room is dangerous for you and […]

Sharing A Bedroom- Kids Room Decorating Ideas

Children sharing bedrooms is common in most households and so is all the bickering and sibling fights that come with sharing a bedroom. Here are some tips to help you maintain a stylish shared bedroom for your children:

Your kids are growing and they need their space to grow; they especially need their own personal […]

How to Make a Small Room Appear Larger

Designer Mary McDonald

Most homes are spacious enough to allow the owners to feel comfortable. At times, you may even think you’ve got too much space, especially when it’s time to clean and dust. More often, though, there is a kid’s bedroom that isn’t very big and may be dark, dingy, and cramped. […]

Painted Wood Floors – Ideas For Your Kids Room Decor

The Romanian site Casamea featured a wonderful picture of a kids bedroom with painted wood floors in various shades of blue. This idea would bring forth a whimsical feel for a room decorated for a child’s taste in mind. Add together a painted chest in orange and painted details in a brighter tangerine.

Adding Color […]

Toy Organization Ideas

Get your kids room organized by sorting their toys in this 7 Shelf Industrial Bin Rack System. The bins slide out easily and lock into place to ensure effortless and efficient storing. This convenient storage solution would be ideal to organize toys into their own compartments which can be taken down for […]

Storage Beds: Kids Room Decor

Check out this picture credited to Waterleaf Interiors. They have positioned two platform beds along a wall, with drawers for storage. Not only does it look fantastic, but this design crew were able to get two kids into one room with space to spare! I have had my eye on a company called Prepac on […]

Panton Chairs By Verner Panton

Panton Chair By Verner Panton

B + G Design put together a fantastic modern boys playroom which was bathed in white and featured bright pops of color. The desk was divided by white file cabinets in the center, and paired with orange panton chairs. White modern floating shelves finished off the white walls […]