Stripe Dresser Makeover

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Check out how I made over this stunning navy dresser makeover

How can you stripe your own child’s dresser?

Striping a chest can be one of the simplest of the faux finishing techniques because it requires no painting skills what […]

Whimsical Kids Dresser Knobs

Many parents paint their children’s bedroom furniture and often coordinate matching hardware. I stumbled across a very unique seller of custom cabinet hardware that truly could make your children’s dresser more interesting. Instead of the typical animal characters that are often found on ceramic styled hardware for kids, Custom Knobs by Lisa […]

Pillows For Kids: The Best Designer Colorful Decorative Pillows

Buying a few nice accessories in your kids or teens room can really bring together a professional decorated room. Every decorator knows pattern can bring life into a room more than anything else. Patterned curtains and bedspreads can really set the mood for your kids room. Consider the theme you are after; whether it be […]

Robotic Toys

Robots have been captivating imaginations for years. Today you can buy spy robots with digital cameras, as well as the old classic robots right out of the 50’s era. The Hexbug Crab has been around for years and still is very exciting! Innovation First has been leading the robotic toy maker, and even won the […]

Christina Aguilera’s Candy Pink Closet

Instyle Magazine featured a story way back in their October 2009 issue on Christina Aguilera and husband (Music Producer) Jordan Bratman’s massive 11,000 square foot home, which sits in the Beverly Hills, California. Who knew Christina Aguilera was such an old style Hollywood glamour girl? Among all the photos featured, her candy pink closets were […]

Chalkboard Paint: Kids Room Decor Ideas

It is not uncommon for young children to scribble through a stack of papers which are then tossed out because they don’t want to reuse them for another drawing. It is easy to go through several hundred dollars on paper when children are younger. Children at a young age usually scribble compared to older children […]

Family Planner: Organizing Ideas

A decorative chalkboard is the most innovative way to decorate a space. This unique rococo chalkboard goes up with the ease of peel and stick application. It can be rearranged or removed effortlessly. Put it inside a cabinet, or inside a door for reminders for young children. It is easy to peel and place to […]