Five Fun Accessories for Your Kid’s Room

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From Belclaire House Blog

Kids love the opportunity to express themselves. What better way to bring out their creative side than to let them choose some fun accessories for their bedroom? You can help make their choices fun and functional by using some of these ideas […]

Blue Kids Room Decor

Any girl would be so blessed to have a desk like this in her bedroom. A desk like this is a timeless piece that could be purchased for a young girl and be sophisticated enough to be taken with her as she moves out and on her own for college. This desk […]

Upholstered Chairs For Your Kids Room Decor

Fabric is one of the easiest ways of getting the feel of a professionally designed interior. Upholstery can be a quick way of adding interest in a room. Look to invest in a good accent chair for your child’s room. Besides a bed, and a chest of drawers and a […]

Upholstered Children’s Furniture

It is an extra bonus, when furniture can also function as storage. We all know how limited spaces can be in most children’s rooms, making every square foot count. This bright pink skirted storage cube adds style to your child’s room or playroom, while also functioning as a place to store their […]