Chalkboard Paint: Kids Room Decor Ideas

It is not uncommon for young children to scribble through a stack of papers which are then tossed out because they don't want to reuse them for another drawing.   It is easy to go through several hundred dollars on paper when children are younger.  Children at a young age usually scribble compared to older children who sketch and put careful thought into their art work, so chalkboards for younger children make sence.  Chalkboards can be a valuable took for young children who are learning to write.   Chalkboards are also ideal for children's playrooms.  Chalkboards encourage creative activity and are easy to maintain.  Chalk has several inherent advantages over markers.   For one, chalk lasts for a long time and is quite inexpensive to purchase.  Children are notorious for leaving the caps of the markers, causing the markers to dry up.  Not only that, markers will dry up over time, and aren't practical if they aren't used daily.  In addition, markers DO not come out of clothes and upholstery.  If chalk gets on to clothes or skin, it washes right off. In fact now you can buy dust- free chalk, in various colors making your home cleaner.  Chalkboards are easy to clean, as all that is needed is a damp sponge. 

(Picture to the top left Photo Credit The Bella Life Blog From Mark Olson)

NEOPlex Extra-Large Framed Black Chalkboard

This oversized chalkboard is large enough for several kids to play on.  Great for Home schooling as well 

Kids Room Decor Ideas- Paint the Walls into Chalkboards

Rust-Oleum produces a lovely Chalkboard Brush-On or Spray in Black and green which converts surfaces into a usable chalkboard. Apply to metal, wood, masonry, drywall, plaster, glass, concrete, unglazed ceramics and hardboard. Erases cleanly.   There has been a huge trend turning old dresser mirrors into chalkboards.  Parents are finding vintage mirrors which they can spray on chalkboard paint and be then bolted on to the wall.  Framing a chalkboard can keep the chalk off the walls.  Check out my favorite chalkboard picks for your kids room decor. 

Kids Room Decor- Childrens Chalkboards By Laurey W. Glenn

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