Creating a Gender-Neutral Bedroom For Twins

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Parents always think that decorating the nursery is an easy task, as long as it comes to their lovely baby, however, what they are supposed to do when they have a baby boy and a baby girl that are twins? Creating a gender-neutral bedroom seems to be very difficult, as you need to escape from the traditional colors, among which are blue and pink.

One of the greatest challenges when it comes to twins, consists in finding the equilibrium for their home environment. In other words, apart from all the cares that you constantly provide, you should also realize the significance of the decorations that will took place in the bedroom.
The best tactic here is to find out the most appropriate and comfortable options for the twins, by choosing excellent and gender-neutral designs for their nursery.

Read the following lines to be acquainted with excellent tips for your brand new and outstanding bedroom for twins that will be decorated in an outstanding way:

Wall Colors

As far as the colors are concerned, you are probably aware of the fact that gender-friendly colors are recommended. Here the nursery that will be selected plays important role and I suggest you trust animals, alphabet, sea and other designs that are suitable both for boys and for girls. As you cannot divide the room and to decorate it for each of the twins, you had better trust the soft and neutral colors such as beige, white and grey. Exclude pink and blue from the color palette and focus on more soothing one that is not associated with genders. Use your imagination to apply various designs and to create welcoming and fresh atmosphere for the twins.


When choosing furniture for your twins, there exist some peculiarities that you need to take into account. First of all, the most practical decision is to pick black or white furniture with simplified and straight lines. Secondly, the best option for a nursery for twins is to select convertible furniture that are cost effective and will save up a lot of space. Here, cribs that are late used for  toddler beds turn out to be an excellent option. Remember that the nursery needs two cozy and appropriately designed armchairs. This way parents will feel more comfortable while holding their adorable twins.

Other Accessories

When decorating the gender-neutral bedroom for your twins, details and accessories really matter. Crib sheets that you choose can vary from animal shapes to geometric motives, however, do not forget to stick to neutral colors, suitable both for boys and for girls. As for the rugs, they will add excellent cosiness when combined with the color of the walls and the curtains. For the lighting, there is a great diversity of options, depending on the atmosphere that you strive to create. Here, I recommend the dimmer switches that need to be attached to the ceiling lighting. This will help you to control the amount of the light in the nursery and to ensure comfortable environment for your twins.

Thanks to these valuable tips, you will be able to create wonderful nursery for your twins. As long as you keep in mind that gender-neutral themes should be added in every aspect of the design, you will manage with the task. Being a parent to twins is certainly a great challenge but If you are prepared with the right ideas and inspiration, you won't meet difficulties in ensuring the most comfortable and peaceful environment for your infants. Get ready for work and concentrate all of your efforts on creating the gender-friendly bedroom for your twins.

The article is kindly contributed by a team of carpet cleaners in Greenwich.

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