Creating Patterned Painted Walls For Your Kids Room

Are you having fun yet?  Consider adding elements of pattern and texture when painting your child’s room.  Interested?  Here are a few ideas to get you started.  Adding no extra cost, you can use supplies found around your home.  For example, wrap bubble wrap around a paper towel tube and roll it through the wet wall paint.  Or wrap thick rubber bands around a paper towel tube and roll away!  For more control over detail, try making a design in the damp paint with the end of an uncooked spaghetti noodle.  For not much more expense, you can be bold and play with contrasting colors.

( Green Painted Room From Decor Pad, )

You may already have some unused paint stored away that would look great with the wall paint you’ve chosen for your child’s room.  And remember, you don’t have to go out and buy a whole can of contrasting paint.  Acrylic craft paints will do just as well for smaller jobs.  Use this accent color to write words or designs on the dry paint with something as tiny as a toothpick, an artists’ brush, or even the end of a stirring spoon.  Other alternatives for applying an accent color include using a pencil eraser, your finger (cut off your fingernail first), the edge of a sponge, or even the end of a Q-Tip.  But let’s not forget about design.

Tip:  Keep in mind that the painted wall needs to dry completely before applying an accent paint.  And, unless your going for a “wet” look, be sure your applicator isn’t overloaded with paint.

Better Home And Gardens MagazineBetter Homes And Gardens Magazine

Reflect on the atmosphere you’re trying to create.  Do you want the finished room to say “fun”, or “peaceful”, or “funky”, or “energetic”?  Now you are ready to decide on a specific design to apply as a border or random accent.  Get inspired by sorting through your cookie and biscuit cutters.  Various sized biscuit cutters make great circular designs after being dipped in a paper plate filled with the selected color of paint.  Perhaps your skateboarding fan would be thrilled with a look created by running the board’s wheels through the paint and then along the wall, and maybe even the ceiling!  Why not use the bottom of their shoe as a wall stamp.  The possibilities are endless.

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