Decoupage Is Simple! Update Your Kids Furniture

Moissonnier French Furniture

Decoupage is easier than you think.  The only way it becomes complicated is if you pick an ornate dresser.  There is some hope for that vintage dresser you are considering donating to your thrift store.  Vintage modern dressers would be very practical pieces to decoupage, because the lines are boxy.  French dressers such as the ones from Moissonnier retail for thousands with this look.

Some of the most beautiful designs are those from wallpapers instead of cut-outs.  Consider buying a "lot" of wallpaper from ebay, working within the design of your child's room.  You could even wallpaper the walls where the dresser disappears into the room.

Here are some practical tips below to great looking decoupage DIY dressers:

Some basic tools are needed. These tools are glue, glue stick, paintbrushes, sponge paintbrush to even out the glue, scissors, and the pattern you intend to glue.

1. Carefully cut out your pattern. This will be the most time consuming process. Perhaps you plan on layering a pattern, or maybe you plan on just covering a piece of furniture, but be sure to take your time with this step because your precision will show in the end.

2. Apply a small amount of white glue or modge podge decoupage to the area of the prepared surface where you want to place your cut outs. Smooth the glue out with a small foam paintbrush.

3.Place the image onto the surface and smooth out the bubbles and wrinkles with a foam brush. A mini roller can certainly help in this stage of the project.

4. After all your images are in place, apply a coats of decoupage or substitute clear polyurethane for a gloss finish. Check on your project within the hour, as air bubbles WILL surface, which you can smooth out. If air bubbles dry, simply take a pin and deflate the bubble and add additional glue.

Do a light sand in between all additional coats.

Carmelo Catalogue - Living Agency

Moissonnier French Furniture

A Sort of A Fairytale Blog

Moissonnier French Furniture

Rose Painted Chest Of Drawers Dresser French Design Sold By Ambiance Chateau

Iannone Design - Hummingbird Graphic Dresser Price: $3,995.00

 Trip Furniture collection from Seletti.

Map Chest of Drawers by Bryonie Porter Price: GBP 850.00, Moissonnier French Furniture

Italian Decoupage Dresser From One Kings Lane

Although this dresser is hand painted, it could give you some ideas for an interesting Italian Design-  E.J. Victor One Kings Lane

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