Decoupage Map Wallpaper Dressers & Kids Map Decor

Have you thought about incorporating maps into the decor plan for your child's room?  When my husband was a child, he would spend hour after hour staring up at the world map that his parents had put up on his bedroom wall.  All of those hours resulted in him learning world geography very well.  In fact, he says that it gave him quite an edge in school.  The truth is that kids room decor does not just have to be functional or decorative - it can be highly educational as well.  But incorporating maps into a room you can spice things up and help your kids learn all at the same time!

In this article, we wanted to show you some simple tricks to creating the perfect decoupage wallpaper chest.

Bryonie Porter  has created beautiful wallpapered furniture that has recieved national attention from some of the leading decorating magazines.  Featuring the most popular wallpaper companies such as Cole & Son, Osborne & Little, and Timorous Beasties, she transforms ordinary dressers into masterpieces.  As you can see, she finishes off her pieces by matching the paint with the colors of the wallpaper.  Do take a look at her wonderful website with many more of her wallpaper creations.

Decoupage looks quite complicated, but I assure you it is easier than it looks. With a little patience, you can cover a lovely chest that will be treasured for years to come.

Wisteria's Map Dresser

Wisteria's Map Dresser

Wisteria has some of the most attractive french reproduction pieces on the market.  They also make a lovely map dresser for only $999.

Wallpaper Blue Mountain American Inspirations Map Toile

Kids Room Decor Map WallpaperKids Room Decor ~ Map Wallpaper

Wallpaper Key Ralph Lauren Family Places Expedition Novelty Map

Kids Room Decor ~ Map Wallpaper

Kids Room Decor ~ Map Wallpaper

Buy a Fabulous MURAL for your childs room here

Kids Room Decor Map Wallpapers


How to Decoupage Furniture 101

1. Make sure that your object is dry, smooth, and free from any kind of imperfections. I would always suggest slighly sanding your piece of furniture so that the glue has something to grab on to.

2. Cut out your image first. This is the most tedious and important part of the whole process. You want to be patient to get a great cut.

3. Submerge your print in water which will allow you to manipulate the print on your furniture with ease.

Avoid decoupaging with thin paper because it wrinkles and tears very easily. Many copy stores now produce beautiful prints that can be blown up to cover any large piece of furniture. Do not use ink-jet photo copies as they will smear in water.

4. Using a foam paint brush and glue, apply glue all over the furniture area you are covering.  Work section by section.  Align the paper with the furniture edges, and carefully apply the cutout to the surface of the furniture.

Keep your hands wet or the paper will tear. Use a wet paint brush sponge and work out excess glue, water, and air. Work outward from the center using a foam roller to flatten the surface and even out the glue underneath your print.

Avoid bending or crumpling the print, as it gives the finished product a bumpy, ugly look.

Within the first hour after the application, check your furniture piece to smooth out any air bubbles with wet fingers. Let your furniture dry overnight.

5. The next day after your piece is dry you will need to apply a sealer. It is extremely important that your first coat is a water based polycrylic.  If you use an oil based polyurethane, it will leave spots in your collage, and potentially ruin it.

Modge Podge is another option which seals collages which dries to a rock hard finish.  It can be used to glue your paper down and and seal your final piece. Modge Podge is available in Gloss, Satin and Matte finishes. Mod Podge also has an excellent line of fabric glue.

A water based polycrylic is always the very best option on white painted furniture, as an oil based polyurthane will always turn yellow overnight and keep getting darker in color over time. Polycrylic comes in a satin, semi gloss and gloss finishes. It also comes in a beautiful spray, which makes it much easier to produce a clean, even finish. The polycrylic or Mod Podge are excellent products to seal your furniture, but if you wish to additionally add an oil based spray lacquer, use it after you have applied 2 layers of polycrylic.

If your collage is lightly colored, I would caution you against using anything but water based. For darker prints, a polyurthane spray will be just fine after your water based crylic has dried.

Acrylic lacquer avoids the yellowing problems associated with nitrocellulose lacquer. Acrylic resins go on crystal-clear and stay that way over time. The most widely used acrylic lacquer is called CAB-acrylic lacquer, made with cellulose acetate butyrate and acrylic resins.

So we hope that this has given you some great ideas for what is possible.  When it comes to kids room decor there are SO many options, and we hope that we have give you some inspiration!

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