DIY Chic Nursery Décor: Fun Projects For Parents

Kids Room Decor

Decorating a nursery can be extremely fun, especially if you have a penchant for DIY projects and experiments with scrap fabrics, reclaimed furniture, and wall art. In addition to the creative aspect, self-made nursery furniture and accessories will also keep your family budget happy and allow you to express your love for your little ones in an immediate and personalized manner. So, what have you got to lose, except perhaps a few spare hours you would otherwise waste in front of the telly or PC? Here are a few ideas on how to create lovable items for your kids’ room and avoid spending a fortune on mainstream nursery elements.

Kids Room Decor


Written in the Pixie Dust: Paper Mache Alphabet Wall

Give your little one a jump start on the alphabet with the help of custom-made paper mache wall art. To make a pixie-inspired wall alphabet, you will need 8-inch paper mache letters, paint, glue gun and sticks, a Styrofoam board, and a bit of glitter spray and/or glitter sealer. Paint the front side of each letter, add glitter for to achieve the impression of pixie dust, and let the paper dry well before spelling out your child’s name or your note of parental love for them on the Styrofoam panel using the glue gun.

Kids Room Decor

Child of the Universe: A DIY Moon Cradle

Use discarded wood pallets to make your baby a moon-shaped cradle. This one will demand a bit of technical knowledge, as well as 3/4-inch boards, a handful of screws, tape measure, jigsaw, a power drill, table saw, and sander. Lay out the boards on the floor and use a pencil to draw a moon shape across them based on the cradle’s target dimensions. Next, cut the boards using the saw and sand them well before attaching the pieces together. Repeat the procedure to make the second side panel for the cradle, and once done, bring the two pieces together by screwing spare uncut planks between them. For extra charm, use a jigsaw to cut out little stars at the top of each side panel, attach support boards to the inside of the structure using the drill and finally outfit the bedding with a comfy mattress.

Kids Room Decor

Safe and Stored: A Toy Basket from Old Jeans

Make a toy storage basket from old jeans, T-shirts and other scrap fabric (if you need extra, here  you can grab some), sturdy fusible interfacing and basic sewing staples. Cut out the lining and interfacing into rectangles (22 inches wide X 20 inches tall), and then cut out two 5.5-inch squares at the bottom corners of each rectangle. Iron the interfacing pieces to attach them to the inside of the denim and cut the jeans around the interfacing edges to make two identical pieces which you will then assemble using a needle and sturdy thread. Sew the basket sides and bottom together (save for the cutouts), flatten the bottom corners so that the side and seams at the bottom align, and sew them together to make the basket bottom. Next, sew on the lining (make sure you attach it to the downside to prevent it from falling out when the basket is turned upside down), and voila – your fabric storage backet is done!

Hanging by a Thread: Easy-to-Make Rope Shelving

Grab a few narrow wooden boards (they should have approximately the same length for optimal final look), drill large holes in the corners of each plank, and finally thread four pieces of sturdy rope through the holes so that the shelves line up above each other. Make a knot at the bottom of each piece of rope to create a strong bottom support for the suspended shelving unit, and tie knots at the same distance under each of the boards to keep shelves properly lined up and strong enough to withstand weight. Once done, bring the four rope pieces at the top and suspend the shelf from a strong bolt (you may want to use wall plugs to secure the structure into the wall).

Handmade furnishings and accessories for a nursery are real money-savers, plus they look very cool, so you will get a few bonus points in your child’s heart for extraordinary parenting skills. In addition to that, DIY project will allow you to play around like a big kid and learn a few new handyman tricks, so it will turn out to be the best investment in both your ingenuity and your child’s room décor.

Good luck, all you crafty parents out there!

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Zoe ClarkAbout The Author: Zoe Clark is a mom of one baby girl, DIY and home design enthusiast. Since decor is her passion, she is always trying to use it for learning and playing with her daughter. You can find her on Twitter.

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