Stripe Dresser Makeover

Check out how I made over this stunning navy dresser makeover

How can you stripe your own child's dresser?

Striping a chest can be one of the simplest of the faux finishing techniques because it requires no painting skills what so ever.  I have finished several chests with simple tape and spray paint.

I have found the only way this technique gets messed up is 1. Not pressing down the tape well enough, which causes your lines not to be crisp when the tape is lifted.

2.  Getting tired half way through the process, and leaving tape over several days before getting back to the rest of the project causes the tape then to lift, or not stick especially with humidity or heat.  If the temperature is too hot, the heat could melt the tape.  Having it too cold or too humid could cause the tape to lift.  These are things to keep in mind before starting this project.

Ideally before you start painting, you want the bottom coat to be painted, or stained before applying the tape to the dresser.

Natural wood chests look just as stunning painted, and you just need to apply tape where you want the wood kept bare.

Another trick of the trade is to have your base color in a flat paint, because the paint sticks to it better and so does the tape.

I have also found that spray painting your chest is one of the biggest secrets I have come to know painting several striped dressers.

The reason for this, is hand painting requires several layers for adequate coverage, which causes a build up of layers.  When lifting the tape off the dresser, there tends to be ridges that signal that several coats of paint were needed, and the overall look tends to look very DIY (Do-It-Yourself)

Spraying a chest will cause no ridges and the finish can be covered in two coats.  In addition, the paint dries very quickly, allowing the tape to be peeled off.

I also have found it interesting to use different widths of tape for a unique finish.  Small stripes and larger stipes both look fabulous.

Finishing your dresser with gold or silver hardware can be one way of dressing up your newly painted striped dresser.  Be sure to accent some of the details in a coordinating color or a metallic brass look.

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