EASY INEXPENSIVE Ideas For Stenciling Carpets And Walls

Stencils For Floors And Rugs

Floor cloths can be a stylish way of covering a large area without the expense of purchasing extra large carpets. If you are looking for a unique color theme, with a particular style in mind, custom painted floor rugs might be the way to go.

You can use large scale canvas drop cloths from Home Depot or a plain rug purchased from Ikea.  Others have used vinyl remnants to make their painted rugs.  Here are some tips for making your own rug from a canvas.

1.  Set Up In A Room That Won’t Be Disturbed- Chances are a project like this will take more than a weekend to complete.  You don’t want the kids or the family dog tracing their little  prints across the cloth.  Set up in a space that is dust-free and well-ventilated. Consider working in a garage or a room which you can close the door and open the window.

2.  Shrink The Cloth-  Canvas is made of 100 percent cotton, so needs to be preshrunk before painting. When purchasing canvas, it is suggested to allow yourself 8 extra inches in all directions for shrinkage and hemming. To shrink the canvas, soak the canvas by scrubbing hot water onto the entire surface. When the canvas has been evenly soaked, turn the canvas over, and wet the other side.  Leave the canvas flat and allow it to dry completely for a day or two.

Read more -How To Create Custom Painted Floor Cloths From Canvas- 20+ Repeat Stencil Patterns 

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Simply Spray Upholstery Paint

If you want to stencil fabrics, such as rugs, drapery, bedspreads, consider using Simply Spray Upholstery, which is a spray paint formulated to spray upholstery or textiles.

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