French Philippe Bedroom Set Review

Classical furniture is elegant, sophisticated and just beautiful.  Why not put it into a growing child's room?  If you are a new mother, you could start out with a simple upright lingerie chest, and attain the other pieces as the child grows up.  For little boys or girls, a simple large upright dresser and a bed is sufficient for their little rooms.  I used to turn furniture over as a hobby at one time,.... often times picking up furniture, painting it, and reselling it.  It gave me the opportunity to buy furniture, experiment with painting, and occasionally if I loved a piece, it became part of our home.  The first time I came across a (modern) Phillipe Dresser, I just had to get it.  It looked amazing in the pictures.  I personally had a chance to buy the 6 drawer Louis Phillipe dresser twice, in addition, I have also sold a pair of the nightstands.   All three sets were painted black, as all of the furniture was bought used, so they had scratches that needed to be sanded out.  Check out Holly's version of this French Philippe dresser.  She paints her's gray and exhanges out the bail handes for industrial handles.  This dresser can be painted a red, a dark gray, or even a light beige and still look hot.  I don't think this dresser could handle brighter colors, but it does have lots of classical good looks.  Let me tell you my honest opinion of these sets:

The Advantages Of The MODERN French Philippe Sets:

If you are looking for a really nice looking dresser, with classic empire looks, this dresser certainly pleases the eyes.   Look at it!  It is stunning.  The sleigh beds look beautiful, and the dressers look streamlined, and even have some detail to them.  The pulls alone on this dresser are quite expensive.  Having classic looking furniture in a child's room does make it look quite a bit more elegant than the typical whimsical furniture that is often sold.

Today you can buy a 7 piece set for only $735 dollars. That includes a- 2 Nightstands, 1 Dresser, 1 Mirror, A Queen Headboard, and Footboard,  Queen Rails(Dresser 180 Lbs - Mirror 32 Lbs - Nightstand 66 Lbs - Queen Bed Length 92"L x 63.5"W x 44"H - Night Stand 24"W x 16"L x 27"H - Mirror 36"W x 40"H - Dresser Width 64"W x 18"L x 35"H)  You save $1700 dollars shopping on Amazon.  The price of one typical dresser is around $700 dollars, so why not get a complete set?  You may be thinking....  (My child doesn't need a queen bed)  And you are right.  The point is, this set is very reasonably priced for the look you are getting.  It is the cheapest in price of all the sets on Amazon. 

French-Phillipe-Childrens-Bedroom-Set-200x300The upright large 5 drawer dresser is priced at only $285

The large 6 drawer is priced at $365,

The nightstands are approximately $132,

And the upright slender lingerie dresser is priced at $369

So as you can see, this line is quite reasonable.

Powell Louis Philippe Cedar Chest

4pc Full Size Bedroom Set Louis Philippe Style in Antique White Finish

Louis Phillipe Black Bedroom Chest

4pc Full Size Sleigh Bedroom Set Louis Philippe Style in Black Finish

Computer Desk with Hutch Louis Philippe Style in Cherry Finish

Coaster Louis Philippe Style Night Stand, Cherry Finish 


If you like the Philippe dressers, consider this dresser which is like the set above......If you are looking for a nice looking Children's set with a bit of a classic look, consider the French Phillipe styles.  The Arbor Gate Nursery Collection in Coach Cherry by Child Craft and Sauder!

The Arbor Gate Nursery Collection by Child Craft and Sauder is crafted in an elegant Louis Philippe style.

The traditional motifs meet modern function in this collection with skillfully designed layers of beautiful detailing including panel drawers with beaded frames, crown moldings over plinth buttressing and frame and panel construction. Child Craft and Sauder have joined forces, doing what each does best. Child Craft is known for crafting quality, safe cribs. Sauder is known for offering stylish and economical, easy-to-assemble, home furnishings. The chest is large and sturdy and provides lots of storage. Includes 4 large drawers Drawers have metal runners and safety stops Patented, interlocking safety mechanism allows only one drawer open at a time Drawers feature patented T-lock assembly system Weight: 105 pounds 5 year warranty for defects in materials Specifications: Overall dimensions: 42" H x 30.75" W x 18" D

The graceful lines and upscale looks are inspired by formal French furniture of the early 1800s.  Today a genuine Louis Philippe Dresser can cost thousands of dollars.

The Drawbacks Of The MODERN French Philippe Sets:

This set is made of selected hardwoods and veneers.  The only draw back to these chests are they are made of composite wood, which means they are not made of solid wood. This dresser is good for the family who is going to stay in one home, and not move the dresser around.  I moved the dressers I had painted around a lot, and although they didn't damage them, it wasn't good for them either.

This dresser does not hold up well to wear over the years. In fact, if you were to accidentally drop the chest in the delivery, it would dent it permanently.

This is what happened to one of the nightstands.  We accidently dropped it, and it dented the wood.  These sets are heavy, the quality of wood is not so great.

These dressers operate on sliders.  If you have seen an Ikea dresser, you know what I am talking about.  Vintage and antique dressers often have middle support sliders, and wood separating the drawers.  The modern day dresser doesn't even use plywood, they use something similar to cardboard.  I cannot remember off the top of my head what separated these drawers, but I believe it was the metal gliders.  The draw back to these metal gliders is the drawers slip off of them so easily.  They work, and function smooth, much like modern cabinetry, but personally, I prefer the vintage style.  It is just a matter of preference.

If you are the sort of family that moves around A LOT, forget about this set, because it will get damaged over time.  If you are intending to buy it once, and keep it in the same spot, it really is a great deal for the price point.   It is one of the nicer dressers around for the price, but the construction isn't top quality. For a little more than $300, it is a very nice looking dresser, you have to agree~

In addition, this set would look really lovely painted up.  Paint it up a colonial green for a boys room, or a light gray for a girls room.  This dresser has such classical lines, that it will look dynamite in their rooms!

So there you go... my honest opinion!

A genuine French country antique Louis Philippe bed with contempary French fabrics and antique French Louis XVI mirror From Elle DecorA genuine French country antique Louis Philippe bed with contempary French fabrics and antique French Louis XVI mirror From Elle Decor.  You can see a genuine antique featured in Elle Decor

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