Growing Up Together: The Everlasting Appeal of Classic Nursery Designs

Beautiful Kids Rooms

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Expecting moms have a lot of time on their hands to experiment with modern nursery decorating trends, vibrant colors and trending accessories until they come up with the most appealing room look. Still, even with the constantly evolving interior design market, there is something inimitably charming about classic decors, which is one of the main reasons so many moms-to-be prefer the traditional feel to short-lived nursery fads. If you want to create an ambiance of comfort and everlasting elegance in the nursery but have no idea where to start, we have several simple tips here to help you out.

Beautiful Kids Rooms

The lovely subtlety: Neutral wall paint tones

To create a perfect backdrop for a stylish nursery, paint the walls in neutral colors. White, beige, cream and light yellow will work for both baby girls and boys, and they also let you add a wide range of secondary colors as accents should you feel like experimenting once the baby arrives.

An all-white décor has a universal appeal, but if the look feels too dull for your taste, you can paint the ceiling white and opt for creamy wall paint tones for tasteful nuance.

Everything in moderation: Blinds, curtains and shades

Though a nursery filled with sunlight looks like an image taken out of old-fashioned magazines, you will still need proper shades to make sure your little ones sleeps through the night. Babies tend to wake up at the slightest ray of light, so installing custom blinds and shades in the nursery may be a wise idea. You can opt for blackout shades, Roman or Venetian blinds or long drapes made from rich, heavy fabrics – just make sure the window dressing tone coordinates well with the overall color scheme in the room.

Beautiful Kids Rooms

Built to last: Solid wood furnishings

When it comes to classic nursery furniture, wood is definitely the most appealing and longest lasting solution. On top of adding a note of sophistication to the room, furnishings made from solid wood will not give in easily to the outbursts of tough love a growing baby may put them through. When shopping for baby bedding, cot-beds are probably the most affordable option as they will allow your growing offspring to get a good night’s sleep in many years to come, up until time comes to move the kid into an adult bed.

Beautiful Kids Rooms

Salmon pink and white baby girl nursery with pink painted dresser and brass hardware, gold oval mirror and pink and white trellis wallpaper -Found on

Flexible functionality: Adaptable drawers and shelving

Adaptable furniture is another clever idea that will provide high flexibility of use without compromising the classic nursery design. Instead of investing in a full-scale changing station, get a wooden chest of drawers that will both accommodate baby clothes or linens and double as a changing area when topped by a soft mat. Shelving with a removable changing section will work well too, and since they will easily adapt to the needs of a growing child, such two-in-one designs will definitely prove the best value for money in the long run.

Beautiful Kids Rooms

A quaint touch: Antique accessories never go out of fashion

To round off the ambiance of classic elegance in the nursery, adorn the walls with large mirrors in elaborately executed frames. In addition to their antique appeal, oversized mirrors will also visually expand the room, which can be a precious asset if the nursery is not generous size-wise.

Other old-fashioned accessories you can throw in to achieve an everlasting chic look include a collection of porcelain dollies, antique chandeliers, knitted cushion covers, needlepoint designs and handcrafted storage boxes.

Classic nursery décor is relatively easy to achieve: pastel tones, solid wood pieces, soft fabrics and quaint accessories will certainly prove the most rewarding backdrop for the life of a growing baby. Plus, a room look that does not lose charm as the child grows is always a better – and more affordable – option than a snazzy décor that calls for extensive upgrades every time nursery fashion trends change, is it not?

Zoe ClarkAbout The Author: Zoe Clark is a mom of one baby girl, DIY and home design enthusiast. Since decor is her passion, she is always trying to use it for learning and playing with her daughter. You can find her on Twitter.

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