Hand Painted Floral Stenciled Kids Rooms

One of the easiest ways to create a great looking Kids room with little time is to use large stencils. While most of us are not the best artists, stencils can create unique designs with minimal artistic talent.  Ebay has a large selection of great looking modern stencils that will work with bright dramatic wall colors, while the stencil pattern is painted on in white.  You finally can go for bright wall paint color because stencils break up the color.  Pick a bright green, or hot pink and balance the brightly colored chaos with white stenciled patterns.  Some of hottest looks for stenciled kids rooms are flowers, and beautiful tree patterns stenciled on the wall with realistic colors.  We see this with beautiful tree patterns with realistic leaves and painted birds and butterflies.

Some stencils I would suggest are:

Life Size Tree Wall Stencil from Victoria Larsen Home Decor

Wall Stencils From Found at Cutting Edge Stencils Wall Designs

There are many websites out there where you can print out free stencils, but the best route are heavy sturdy stencils that you can use over and over again.  Heavier stencils work well because the paint doesn't bleed out the sides of the stencils compared to lower quality flimsy stencils that are hard to hold in place.

If you do plan on making your own stencils, there are cutting pencils which heat up and allow you to cut delicate designs to create your own custom patterns. I bought the Lenk Cutlass cutting pencil myself. I would highly recommend it, while using thick clear overhead projector transparencies

Wall Lenk Cutlass Stencil Cutting Kit

To get started, simply tape the stencil on the wall with low-tack tape.   Place a piece of tape on each side and the top and bottom. Once you have it in place it is time to get started painting.  The key to stenciling is less paint is more.   When you use more paint, the paint usually bleeds out the edges of the stencil or runs down the wall, which ends up being more work because you have to clean up the mess, and start over again. When you have your brush filled with paint, blot the excess on a paper towel and you will have a very even amount which will transfer on the wall well.

Stenciling can be done in three ways.  The first way is to brush on the paint.  You will need to buy a stencil brush with short stiff bristles that you dab into the stencil design. This is the most effective technique, as the stencil design usually comes out very crisp on the wall.

Shiva Stencil Brush Set - 4/Pkg

The second way to stencil is to use spray paint the stencil on the wall.  This is a little tricky because the over spray from the spray paint will get all over the edges of the stencil and on to the wall and on to the floor.  So if you were to choose this technique, be sure to cover the floors and remove everything from the room.   One way to get around the over spray is to tape extra clear plastic around the stencil and tape it to the wall, while you are spraying.  Although it may be quicker, it may not have the perfect outline of the stencil, unless you use an adhesive spray to keep the stencil in place, or a partner with clear gloves to hold the stencil in place.  Use gloves and a mask with this technique.

Another technique is to use a roller to roll on the paint.  This technique works quite well because it is quick, while allowing the right amount of paint to cover the wall with minimal effort.

Foam Replacement Sleeves, Stencil Magic RollerStencil Starter Kit

If you take your time with the stenciling, your kids room will turn out  spectacular. Often times stenciling can take several days, but it is well worth the time and effort for something you will enjoy as well will inspire your child through the years.

Extravagant color can be used on the walls, as white stencils can bring the eye some calmness.  This picture found from Casa Sugar originated from the 2007 San Francisco Decorator Showcase

A stunning Tree Stencil ~ Picture From Pottery Barn

Kids Room Decor- Stencil Ideas

Picture Designer Unknown.  Create smaller Polka Dots from a Stencil From Wooden Creatives on Ebay, Cutting Edge Stencils Wall Designs

This stencil would look dynamite with a white background and green, or cream and white.

A fabulous flower stencil can be found at Cutting Edge Stencils Wall Designs

Allium Flower Stencils can be found at Cutting Edge Stencils Wall Designs

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