How Can Parents Help Kids Become More Involved In Water Sports?

Most kids are born active. Once they can stand on their own two feet and have a grip of their skills, it will be hard for you to let them sit still in one corner. They will be running around the house or finding their way out to the backyard for more freedom or space. As they grow, they will slowly learn about different kinds of sports and one or two will win their interest, but what if your child has not given watersports a show of interest? How would you bring them to try their hands at swimming or surfing?

First of all, it needs to be clear that the reason you want your child to pursue watersports is because of the benefits they will get from it and not because you are passing on some of your frustrations in the hope of realizing your dreams through your kids. Watersports are great for kids because it helps them develop a healthy body. Surfing, for instance, is a full body workout which not only tones muscles and build strong bones, but also aids in having a healthy heart. Watersports are done outdoors, by the beach or in the pool, and if you schedule your activity right, you can have the healthy benefits of the sun and the clear fresh air. It will help you to have strong lungs, which is great for your respiratory system. With these benefits, it will be a waste if your kids do not enjoy water sports, when it can be healthy and fun at the same time. To give them some inspiration, here are some things parents can do to encourage their kids to dip their toes in the water.

Introduce them to water sports. This is essentially the first step. How can kids build their interest on the sports when they have not been near a pool or a beach? Show them the beauty of the sea while they are still young by taking them to watersports or surfing shows during weekends.

Give them lessons. Some kids will not dare to get near the pool if they had once experienced almost drowning when they were young. The incident can build a phobia within them, which is why they would rather go to the gym. Help them face their fears by giving them lessons. This will give them the confidence to do adventurous activities in the water.

Be involved and show full support. Kids with active parents are more likely to be active too. It will be hard to encourage kids to surf or sail this weekend if you are staying home to sit in front of the television all day. Be with your kids and cheer them on as they break their personal records. Take time to bring them to the pool for their practice after school or set a schedule where you and the whole family can go to the beach and try out a new water sport.

Reward your kids. Simple tokens, like a new set of goggles or a huge lunch after a morning race are enough to make your kids feel that you are proud of them. Kids often are driven by the need to make their parents proud of them, so do not disappoint. Unrecognized feats will only make kids lose interest on whatever form of sports they are involved in.

Make the activity fun. The opposite of unsupportive parents are those who push their kids too much. Water sports should be fun, not a chore or an obligation. Do not scold your kids just because they did not finish the race at the time you have set. Teach them to accept defeat and help them improve their skills.

A nautical theme bedroom is a great idea for any child who loves the sea, sailing, speed boating, or swimming. Decorating their room is a great way of incorporating those loves into their every day lifestyle. Red, white and blue has been standard colors for nautical designs, whether it be for Yacht or swimming clubs.There are many nautical accessories such as curtains, area rugs and wall art that would work well with this theme. Going with solid color bedding in shades of blue or white, allows you to focus on more of the detail of the room. Subtle blue and white stripe patterns work well for wallpaper, curtains and bedding.

Nautical Theme Bedroom Ideas:

1. Collect Posters or Prints - For an older kids room, consider collecting old photos of lighthouses and boats. Images can be ordered from Amazon in large scale posters, and purchased framed. For a budget concious room, consider buying rectangular frames from your local Dollar Tree, spray paint them gold or white, and then take clippings from magazines or photocopy nautical theme material from books from your library, and frame them. Do a grouping of 9 prints for the wall. Consider blowing up a large sailing map at your local office photocopy store, which you can cut out into 9 rectangles to frame.

2. Incorporate Nautical Accessories- Real models of lighthouses and sailboats would look spectacular in an older boys room. Collect sailor flags and frame them. Mount anchors and oars, and real boat lifesavers on the wall. Invest in a wood captain's wheels, and brass nautical clocks for that teenage boy. A young boy may enjoy fish netting to hold his toys. Wooden trunks is a piece of furniture you can never go wrong with. Stack them tall to store your boys toys, or collectables. Invest in a great brass compass and telescope for him.

3. Invest in Campaign Furniture.Campaign furniture was used by the British army during the late 1700's through the  early 1900's in military campaigns through Burma and India. As a prideful symbol of glory of their newly claimed empire, the high ranking officers would set up tent life just as they would extravagantley decorate their homes. They brought with them knock down furniture which could be easily transported by ship, which broke down to fit in tight spaces, and then could be brought with them on the battle front.  Buy Vintage Campaign furniture here

Make Your Own Campaign Pieces From The Ikea Hack Line

Author Bio: Blogger who researches and talks about the benefits of kids participating in watersports for Lunasurf  

Maritime Themed Boys Roooms- Campaign Furniture By Caroti Furniture

If you like the sea, yachts and want them to be part of your home design then furniture by Caroti could become an excellent choice for you.  For kids there are available as single beds as ergonomic bunk beds. All of them are decorated by various sea-themed items. For example, you could find a great bed with integrated ship wheel on photos below. This bed could be accompanied by other interesting furniture and could help you to organize an awesome bedroom for boys. . More information about all this sea-themed furniture you could find on Caroti site.

English Campaign Table in Mahogany circa 1800, Available from;

Maritime Themed Boys Roooms- Campaign Furniture By Caroti Furniture

A Nautical Rope Mirror for those nautical themed boy’s rooms. Pottery Barn

Lacquered Campaign Desk Orange LA,

Pottery Barn

In actress Jennifer Creel’s Manhattan apartment, early-20th-century signal flags and lighthouse-patterned wallpaper by Carleton V make her son’s room fit for a captain. Creel’s sister, Suzanne Coleman Bancroft, designed the home.

Buy Posters of Yacht Club Flags

Maritime Themed Boys Roooms- Campaign Furniture By Caroti Furniture

 Anthropologie worked with South African furniture makers, Melville and Moon, to recreate the classic foldable, adaptable hardwood Roorkhee chair but then had the local Pretoria textile company, Design Team, upholster it in a punchy pink African cameo pattern for a truly fresh look.

Nautical Kids Bedroom Design by Mariani

A room decorated around the nautical sports.  Wooden boxes,
brass navigational aides (antique or reproduction), a map chest, a
telescope and art.

Boat Bed From Pottery Barn

Maritime Themed Boys Roooms- Campaign Furniture By Caroti Furniture

Monogrammed slip covered headboard + campaign dresser + herringbone rug

A Monogrammed slip covered headboard updates outdated headboards, and giving it more of a personalized touch. 

Campaign dressers are always a great choice for kids rooms because they work for teen and adult rooms as well.  The furniture is classy and doesn't date. 

Maritime Themed Boys Roooms- Campaign Furniture By Caroti Furniture

Maritime Themed Boys Roooms- Campaign Furniture By Caroti Furniture

Designer Jay Jeffers

Nautical Inspired Boys Bedroom For Two- The stripes on the wall add to the masculinity, as the walls look like a man’s dress shirt.

An older child’s version of a nautical room by emphasising the blue to a blue-black.

Tommaso Ziffer

Campaign Dresser From Lonny Magazine

Campaign Desk From Modern Haus

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