How To Buy Kids Room Furniture On A Shoestring Budget

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Guest Post Jason Phillips

Every child grows up, usually far faster than a parent would like them too. It can quickly become apparent that your son or daughter no longer wants friends around to visit as their room is now dated. Children’s interest move on quickly and what ruled their world last year will now appear suitable for babies.

It can be a considerable expense every time you redecorate the room. The furniture will usually need changing and carpets and curtains replaced. The bigger issue is that all these new items will be outdated within a year and the whole process will have to start again.  Before you spend your hard earned money it is advisable to take stock of the following points; they will save you money and hassle in the long term:


Creating a themed room provides an amazing space for your child but it will quickly go out of date. This is true whether it is a specific film; such as a superhero, or a general theme such as pirates. Instead of themes the room should be decorated in such a way that it can grow with your child. In fact, wherever possible your child should be involved in the decision process of how to redecorate the room. This method allows you to control the finances and limit the spending whilst your child gets to choose and mix the colors. If they are involved in the room from the start they will have more interest and association with it as they grow older.

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Selecting The furniture

Once baby furniture has been outgrown it should be possible to purchase items which will serve you child as they grow up; regardless of the color of the room. Plain white or natural bespoke designer furniture works well for girls whilst nature or stained wood is good for boys.

It is essential to decide your budget before talking to your child. They need to understand that there is a set amount of funds available for the redecoration and their room has to be created within this limit. Certain items are essential and some will be seen as optional extras or luxuries. It is important to ensure your child understands the difference before they start planning.

Drawing a plan can be a good starting point. You and your child should discuss what the room needs and walk around it placing items on the paper. This can be followed up with getting them to draw their ultimate fantasy room and you will be able to see if there is any way of adding pieces of this into his final design.



The furnishings and the floor are fairly expensive and are not something you want to change regularly. The walls and even the ceiling can be painted again and again. If your child wants every wall a different color then let them. It is their room and they need to be happy in it. If you are not able to cope with the choices your child might make it is better to get paint swatches of colors you are happy with and tell them to choose from the ones you have. It may be useful to note it is easier to match walls to linens rather than the other way round; it is therefore essential to pick the linens first.

Mind Their interests

The room should reflect the current interests and hobbies of your child. A hobby such as model airplanes can be included by having planes hanging from the ceiling and a plane style duvet cover.  Their interests will change as they grow older but if it is their work on display it is easy to update as the years pass.


Rather than use expensive branded accessories opt for posters or get your child to create their own collage from work they have completed and photos they have taken. This will provide a much more personal feel in the room. The room should make your child feel comfortable and not as though they are in a museum where they are not allowed to touch anything..

Last but not least, remember that the room needs to be kept organized and tidy. When planning the room it is essential to think about where everything will be stored. There is usually space under a bed or in the bottom of a closet; it is also possible to cupboards or drawer units to ensure everything has a place. The more items which have a home and are put away the better the space works for all concerned.

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