How To Change That Spare Bedroom Into A Babys Room

Animal Mural-

You have experienced the joy that your expecting a newborn little angel. This might be your first child or you might have had a couple but it is always exciting. The thought of a new little one coming is some of the best news anyone can get. There might be many problems that arise like money, supplies and space. You might be stressing over everything especially if it is your first child. You are going to want to make sure that your house is baby proof and that everything will go fine. You might be stressing out about what to do with the baby room and where to put everything. Here are some helpful reminders that might just ease the stress and that will help you transform that spare bedroom into a baby room and enjoy the waiting period for that new baby to come.

Painting The Room

This can be a frustrating part and is the main point of a babys room. What color and theme do you want the childs room to be. It will help if you know what sex the baby will be and might help you decide what color to go if you want Pink or Blue. If your having a girl then you can think about princess themes or Disney themes. If its a boy then you can do something else like Mario or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. There are plenty of themes you can choose from and plenty of vinyls online to help paint the room.

Make Everything Safe.

Check to make sure that all those sharp corners are padded with something soft for when he or she starts walking they wont get hurt by their dresser or bed. Also make sure all the plugs have covers on them so your child does not get curious as to what they are and get shocked. You might have to move all the things from your spare bedroom somewhere else. If you dont have any extra room in your house you can look into getting some Palm Springs CA self storage. You can visit this website to see if there are any storage buildings in your area. This can really help you store all those items until you find room somewhere else or move into a bigger home.

There are many things that you can do to get ready for a new baby. Just make sure not to stress out about it too much and dont forget to cherish this moment. Have fun deciding on themes for your kids rooms and their names. Remember these are going to be your little angels. Make sure you prepare smart, safe and meaningful for their arrival.

Playing with asymmetric cubes in different shades of blue, the architect Guilherme Torres has created a fun and unusual dorm, now adapted to when the baby grow. To complete the space cool, stickers on the walls and a cot on wheels, which resembles a giant cart.

 Guilherme Torres

Geometrical Wall

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Whimsical Baby Room With Modern

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Paper the back of shelves with wrapping paper, wallpaper, magazines...

Kids Art Work

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Beautiful Burl Wood Art Deco Furniture In A Baby's Room

Gray and Yellow Nursery with Striped Walls

Mid Century Retro Dresser-

Vintage Nursery Poster-

Architect Diego Revollo used yellow, not only in small details, but at points of great prominence, as stamped on the ceiling and lighted bedside.

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Rock Star Duchess Nursery by Sharon Taylor on Project Nursery

Vintage Inspired Playroom Circus Wall

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Change around an existing bookshelf by building a custom door front. 

Buy a larger piece of wood, cut knotches in the top- Picture from here

Orange Wall With Storage Cubbies-

Red Kids Room With Carpet Squares-

Znak Mosaic Wallpaper -

Beautiful Knitting-

Transform Ikea Furniture -Pinterest

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