HOW TO Get the Scandinavian Style In Your Kids Bedroom

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Zoe ClarkAbout The Author: Zoe Clark is a mom of one baby girl, DIY and home design enthusiast. Since decor is her passion, she is always trying to use it for learning and playing with her daughter. You can find her on Twitter.

Scandinavian style is in the spotlight lately, and finding its way into many homes around the globe. It’s also convenient in kids’ bedroom because of its clean and relaxed feel. A breath of Scandinavian fresh air will introduce tranquility, unparalleled beauty and joy to the space. So, go ahead, bring some life to the bedroom and create an environment that spurs kid’s imagination and curiosity.

United Colors of the Neverland

A good place to start the Scandinavian visual adventure is a blank canvas. Paint your walls white and use them as a backdrop. Next, you will need a bit of contrast, and there is no better way to pull it off than to use black. Add some bold artwork and spotted pillows and see how the combination of the two colors gives the space a new feel.

That way you will be able to add some colorful decoration without ruining the Scandinavian immersion. A splash of colors is something that brightens up the mood, and it’s advisable to opt for primaries. Not everything is supposed to match in these rooms, and some serendipity is a welcome guest.

Kids do adore a bit of chaos, but don’t go overboard with it. You can paint one wall in pink, for example, but the rest of the ambient must then be toned-down. If you decide to play it safe and go with white walls, colorful garlands and curtains will make the place happier.

A Treasure Chest

It’s really not too hard to come up with smart design ideas for kids’ bedrooms. Introduce some effortless chic with details like handmade dolls, vintage toys and quilts on the bed.  Make good use of your children’s artwork, as it will make them proud and full of joy. A colorful rug could also do the trick, or even better, a fun game on the floor.

You think family heirloom has no place in children’s bedrooms? Well, think again. An old hutch renewed with a fresh coat of white or an old wardrobe can fit nicely in the Scandinavian kids’ haven. Wood is the material that should be used extensively, just as it dominates the icy Scandinavian landscapes. Another option is to go with mid-century pieces or contemporary modern furniture.

Chose the pieces with care, and don’t shy away from visiting thrift shops. IKEA is a no-brainer as well, as its furniture is tailored to Scandinavian homes. In the end, you might need to seek a professional to do the renovation. I must say I’m more than happy how Integriti homes handled my renovation.  My vision has been brought to reality, and my daughter can’t seem to have enough of her new playground.

Sweet Dreams

There are many easy ways to capture a bit of Scandinavian essence with chic and stylish solutions. The beauty of it is that you can search both your grandma’s attic and your kids’ art bin for accessories. Use a clean white palette and introduce bright colors and lively patterns step by step. That way you won’t lose the basic style, on the contrary, you will enhance the Northern spirit in the bedroom.  Take inspiration from other people who nailed the Nordic design and treat your kids with a merry retreat for years to come.


Scandinavian Kids Rooms

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