How To Make Over Old Benches And Toy Boxes By Upholstering The Top

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Guest Post By Ryan Barlow

 If you have any old storage pieces you want to use, refresh and upholster here you will learn how. Before upholstering the item you should provide suitable cleaning of it. Use the tips here to give new life to your old furniture pieces.

Whatever type of storage piece you have you should clean in thoroughly and well. First spray with all-purpose sprayer for bugs and leave it in any ventilated place for 24 hours or more. This way fleas, bed bugs, mites, etc. will be killed.

Now you should disinfect the pieces using a solution of water and vinegar or wet disinfecting wipes and aerosol sprays with disinfecting properties. Choose the proper disinfecting product, apply it and wipe with a rag.

Now that you have cleaned your furniture piece you can upholster it. The materials you will need are: measuring tape, a pencil, any fabric you decide to use, foam, batting, kits of covered buttons, iron, scissors, needle and thread or finishing line for upholstery, thimble, finishing nails, staple gun, 1/4” or 3/8” drill bit and drill.

First take measurements of the lid you decide to upholster to estimate the quantity of fabric you should use. Taking in mind its thickness add 2 more inches to your measurements. If you have 27 inches lid which is 1/2” thick you should use 30 inches long fabric.

Then, raise the lid so that you estimate where to put the buttons you will use for tufting. Make sure you place them even and use a measuring tape for the purpose. Make spots with a pencil. After that, make holes in the lid on the places of the pencil marks with a drill and a drill bit, fitted in it.

Now you should cut the fabric to the necessary size after which you should iron the fabric. Do the same with the batting and foam. Lay the foam and batting over the lid of the storage piece you will be upholstering. Then, put the fabric on the top of the foam and batting and use a staple gun to perforate them to the bottom of the furniture piece surface. Place a staple on each opposite side one by one and make sure to stretch the fabric. Repeat this for the rest 2 sides to ensure the fabric doesn't get puckered and is straight enough.

If you have patterned or striped fabric be careful with these steps. You probably don't want the stripes or patterns to look crooked or blurry. Repeat these steps for all 4 sides of the storage piece top you want to upholster.

Use additional fabric of the same type to cover the buttons you decide to use. Follow the instructions which are on its package.

Tie the end of the finishing line or upholstery thread to the upholstery needle. The other end tie to the finishing nail.

Tie the end of the thread to the needle and the other to the finishing nail. Your thread  shouldn't return through the holes you drilled while sewing the buttons. To achieve this Call Upholstery Cleaners puts the nail through the the rear of the hole looping the thread above the nail. Repeat these steps several times and in the end tie the finishing nail to the thread. With a thimble pull the needles throughout the foam layer.

Spin the nail around to make the thread tightened and pull the button to the the depth you want it to be. This way you will have tufted looking upholstered furniture piece. Secure the nail ends to be on their places and don't unwind using a staple gun.

Add handles to the furniture piece if you prefer to make it look better and become more functional. After cleaning and upholstering your old storage pieces you can use them. Here you learned how to do this following the explained above steps. Don't forget to provide suitable cleaning of the upholstered and wooden part of the pieces.


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