How To Repair Damaged Mirrors

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So you bought an antique or used mirror at an affordable price. The only problem is that the mirror is damaged. You love the frame and the glass; you just want the mirror not to have black marks or scratches. What do you do? Here are some tips that can help you to repair your mirror without a large investment:

1. Aluminum Foil

If you have small black holes in your mirror it is probably because the backing is scratched. The backing on a mirror is very delicate and if scratched it can show up clearly. To repair this easily and cheaply simply tape a small piece of aluminum foil over the hole. Make sure the shiny side is towards the glass and that it is not wrinkled. Be careful with the tape as removal of it will damage the mirror further.

2. Hand Polishing

If you have scratches on the glass you can remove them with a bit of hand polishing. However if you can feel the scratch with your fingernail it is too deep to hand polish. You can get it machine polished by a professional but that will warp the glass and thus the reflection.

3. Silver Paint

Another option for repairing damage to the back of your mirror is silver paint. Most hardware stores sell mirror paint to fix spots. Just dab a little on to cover up bad spots. Keep in mind this reduces their appearance, but it does not remove them. They may still be visible.

4. Re-Silvering

Re-silvering your mirrors is another possibility. It is very expensive and needs to be done by a professional. Old glass will show all the damage if re-silvered, so it may not look like new. It might be a more affordable option to just swap out the mirror with a new one cut to size.

There is a certain charm to old mirrors, even if they are damaged. If you like the antique look then it is probably better to just leave your mirror alone and enjoy the uniqueness of your piece.

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Broken Mirrors, Fixing Mirrors, Mirrors For Kids Rooms, Kids Room Decor Ideas

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