Indian Kids Room Decor

Elio EstersohnElio Estersohn

If you are looking to liven up your child's room with some bright colors and dramatic surroundings you might want to consider Indian style decor.  Asian inspired decorating embraces many different styles throughout the Far East, and India has a rich history that goes back several thousands years to draw inspiration from.  Rajasthan, Kerala and Goa are among the most visited destinations in India, and the cultural influences of these cities pops up in Indian decor quite frequently.  In particular, Rajasthan is famously known for its rich and colorful culture, and tourists can enjoy peeking into the magnificent royal palaces which have been turned into hotels.  Needless to say, India can inspire a whole array of kids room decor choices.

So how can you decorate your child's room to reflect the fun culture of India?

Elle Decor Editor Margaret Russell compiled some of the most famous people and their homes in Elle Decor So Chic.  Liza Bruce and Nicolas Alvis Vega's Indian apartment in Jaipur jumped off the pages with wall colors you just don't see every day. Their signature Indian style was reflected throughout the apartment.  Every room was painted a different collar, including such bold color choices as hot pink, bright orange, and lime green.

Liza-Bruce-and-Nicolas-Alvis-Vegas-Indian-Apartment-Featured-in-SO-Chic2Liza Bruce and Nicolas Alvis Vega's Indian Apartment Featured in SO Chic

Liza-Bruce-and-Nicolas-Alvis-Vegas-StencilingLiza Bruce and Nicolas Alvis Vega's Indian Apartment Featured in SO Chic

Liza Bruce and Nicolas Alvis Vega's Indian Apartment Featured in SO ChicLiza Bruce and Nicolas Alvis Vega's Indian Apartment Featured in SO Chic

Liza-Bruce-Bright StencilingLiza Bruce and Nicolas Alvis Vega's Indian Apartment Featured in SO Chic

The Images of the Indian Rooms above are from The Book:

"SO CHIC" - Glamorous Lives, Stylish Spaces - By Margaret Russell &Editors of Elle Decor - 2007

Usha Kiran PalaceUsha Kiran Palace


So how did they pull together this magnificent look?  Well, they incorporated three important elements which you can use to pull together this rich and playful theme.

1. First, the paint choice is key for creating the mood and the overall theme.  If you are trying to reproduce this style, you will want to decide if you want brighter colors or softer pastels in your child's room.

Working with a color wheel can be very helpful in picking colors that work well with one another. Consider neighboring colors which are beside each other on the color wheel. One example of this is lipstick red, coral pink, and melon, which are all hues of the same base color. Also, you may want to consider opposite colors on the color wheel such as apple green, Indian orange, and sugar plum. Opposite colors are often used as the color that pops in the room. In Liza Bruce's pink and red room she featured a green gown beside a blue painted moroccan side table.  But don't go overboard.  It will be important to limit your color choices to three neighboring colors and one or two opposite colors. Introducing too many colors will confuse your theme and your room will end up looking like a mess.

Indian rooms are often very ornate in style. They often include detailed architectural elements and outstanding hand painted walls. Ideally, crown molding and wainscoting would be incorporated with a number of colors on a wall. If you don't have hundreds of dollars to spend on wainscoting, there are alternatives to consider. Behr recently produced a great commercial which aired on television last year showing how painters tape can create beautiful architectural details on a wall by simply taping in rectangular patterns that mimic crown molding.

Indian Decorating From An Indian SummerIndian Decorating From An Indian Summer

Moroccan White Handpainted Wood Dresser

Moroccan White Handpainted Wood Dresser

If you decide to go this route, consider these few tips.....

A. Your base coat should be white. Adding in some sort of white into your design is almost imperative as the eye needs to have a point of reference with so many other elaborate colors in the room.

B. It is almost just as important to start off with a primer as your paint needs to stick to your walls. The worst situation would be taking your tape off, only to have the white stick to the painters tape.

C. Consider smaller rectangle taped shapes near the top of the ceiling, than even taped squares throughout the remainder of the room. Adding thinner rectangles near the top will give some height to the room. Consider adding some half circles in the design to give it more of a classic Indian style.

D. Consider taping off the ceiling and continuing the design onto the ceiling.

Another way of adding interest is to paint oversized white designs on your wall. Using an overhead projector, this can easily be achieved without the creative talent of an artist. Pick out floral silhouettes from your local library and copy them on to your walls. If you use gold along with your white paint it will give you the regal look which is often seen in elaborate Indian rooms.

2. Consider Asian themed furniture.

Furniture is absolutely essential to completing an Indian-themed design style. One of most important elements in any room for a child is the bed, as it is often the focal point and the centerpiece of the room. Traditional Maharajah style four poster beds are a tasteful choice. Wrought iron furniture also works very well with Indian decor. Hammering on patterned wood decorative elements which can be spray painted in white or gold is another way of adding detail.

Liza Bruce and Nicolas Alvis Vega's Indian Apartment Featured in SO Chic 2Liza Bruce and Nicolas Alvis Vega's Indian Apartment Featured in SO Chic

Tibetan Painted Peony End Table, Hand-Painted Tibetan Cabinet - Green

 Tray Table Spring Bunnies Hand Painted

Handmade Asian Furniture, Hand-Painted Tibetan Coffee Table, Hand Painted Milieu Cabinet

Consider adding a canopy to a crib, or you can also create the look of a canopy with draped organza fabrics. A Maharajah bed is typically draped with with colorful fabrics, and this creates an enclosed space. Look for fabrics in vibrant jewel tone colors such as ruby reds, deep royal purples and golds. If you do not have a canopy bed, pre-hung canopy nettings can be used and combined with brightly colored fabrics.


Hermes Magazine Ads- 2008

Hermes-2010-Karlie-Kloss-747x1024Hermes Magazine Ads- 2010 Karlie Kloss

3. Accessories pull together the overall theme

Indian, Arabian and Moroccan inspired rooms are usually marked by the use of accent pieces and accessories. You do not need too many accessories, as children's rooms become very disorganized quickly. By having the overall theme presented on the walls, and by carefully selecting a few choice furniture pieces, your room can look carefully designed without being too busy with decorations that eventually will get lost or played with.

Children's rooms can get quite messy, so it is important to have plenty of storage to contain those messes.  It will be important to incorporate an armoire, bookcases or some other furniture pieces that can store your child's belongings.

Also, you may want to consider throw and body pillows of various sizes and bright colors which coordinate well with your overall design. Small painted tables and rococo styro mirrors on the wall can do a lot to help finish off the theme.

Embroidered Adjustable Bar Stools Leather Seat Indian-Style(stl129)
Adjustable Bar Stool Embroidered Camel Leather Seat Indian
Beautiful Floral Hand Block Print Brown Cotton Cushion Covers with Thread Work
Attractive Floral Hand Block Print Pink Cotton Cushion Covers with Thread Work

Also, you may want to consider an ornate carpet.  A high quality ornate carpet can go a long way in child's room.

Moroccan Outdoor Area Rug - 7'10

As you can see, there are many ways to approach an Indian-themed room. Plus, this design can be easily updated as your child matures into a pre-teen and a teenager.

Blue Painted Table

The Pavilion Rock and Roll Hotel London EnglandThe Pavilion Rock and Roll Hotel London England

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