Kid Friendly Rubber Flooring: Attractive, Durable and Safe

Play room with bright yellow rubber floor

Playroom with a bright yellow rubber floor-Flooring by The Rubber Flooring Company,1850 - A Small Studio,  Also seen in  Best Home Design

Guest Post Jason Phillips

Having children can make decorating hard, and cleaning up even harder! Finding a blend of attractive, durable and safe is a real challenge and it can be frustrating wanting both a beautiful home and a child-friendly one. Having rubber flooring is one solution to this – especially if you go for interlocking mats that can taken out and put away whenever you need. But what are the advantages of this sort of rubber flooring?

Low Injury Risk

Unlike carpet, rubber doesn't leave painful burns along your skin if you slide along it – and unlike wood, there's a bit of give there to cushion a fall. In particular, EVA foam rubber is shock-absorbing so can mean that rough play doesn't get out of hand. If you've got toddlers, you'll know how easily they trip and stumble, so having rubber flooring in place can at least reduce to risk of injury whilst still allowing them to explore and practice rather than limiting their freedom.


No more will you be trying to get stains out of your carpet, or avoiding watermarks on wood. With rubber flooring, it's just a case of wiping it up and it's clean. However, it can be slippery because the liquid will just stay on the surface, so you'll have to keep an eye out for spillages.


Rubber can take a beating, especially if it's on foam padding as well, so you won't have to worry about splashing out and having your new purchase destroyed within a week. Keep an eye out of high-quality brands, and you'll find some that you can even wear high heels on without ruining them.


Rather than coating the whole house in PVC, with rubber floor tiles you can put them down for when you know there's like to be a mess happening, and pack them away if you're having adult guests over. They come in a variety of colors, but since they're temporary you don't have to worry about them matching your décor.


Whilst it's (hopefully) unlikely your kids will be setting any fires, good parents know to always be prepared. Rubber is incredibly hard to burn, so that's one weight off your mind. Plus, it's electric dampening so it reduces the chances of kids accidentally electrocuting yourselves (it's great for your health too, with all that worries reduction!)

Of course, in order for something to be truly kid friendly, there are a few things you'll want to look out for. When you're searching for rubber flooring tiles, here are a few things to keep an eye on:

Latex- Plenty of kids are allergic to latex, and even if yours aren't, their friends might be. Try to get some that are latex free, and you can avoid having to worry about this. PVC is another potential one to avoid, although not as urgently.

Smell- You'll want to keep an eye out for tiles that specifically call themselves 'odorless', otherwise your may find your entire house spells of rubber – not ideal!

Recycled?- Whilst not a necessity, keeping an eye out for recycled materials is a great way to be environmentally friendly so check this is advantage.

Toxicity- If they're labelled kid-friendly, they should almost certainly be non-toxic, but you can never be too careful, so ensure that they're certified as such.

The idea of having your house filled with rubber flooring may seem strange at first – it's an odd material, especially in places such as bedrooms – but using temporary tiles is a brilliant solution to common problems.

They're hard-wearing and very safe, meaning you can preserve your carpets whilst protecting your children. Plus, since you can move them about, you're not limited to having any one room to be the 'fun room'.

If you're worried about outside, you can even get sturdier, non-foam versions that are safe to use in gardens (excellent if you're in a damp country with kids who love the outdoors). It is possible to install them permanently too, so if you're just looking for a solution to making their bedrooms more kid-friendly, you can fit them instead of carpet and have an interesting, safe and easy-to-clean floor!

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