Kristin Kauffman’s Colorful Striped Floor

Kate Spade Store- Striped Flooring

The fabulous striped floors at the Kate Spade store in Palm Beach have inspired many home owners to take the look inside their own homes.  DIY'er Kristin Kauffman showed off her painted dining room floors to Better Homes and Gardens and was featured on Nate Berkus where she was showed an audience  ‘how-to’.  Kristin Kauffman chose to paint her wooden floor because, with four kids and five dogs, rugs didn’t last long. The painted flooring was inspired by color.  see more of Kristin’s painted floors on

How to pull off this look for your own home:

- Pair this colorful look with white walls, which you can dress up with colorful photos or accessories.

- Include the wood stripes, seen in Kristin Kauffman's floor.  The wood balances the painted look quite nicely, and wouldn't look as nice without the contrast of wood.

- With wood floors, start by renting an industrial sander, which will allow your paint to soak into the wood, and last longer than just simply painting over the old varnish.

- Be sure to seal the painted finish with polycrylic, not polyurethane.  Polycrylic will not yellow over the white paint, where as will darken within days, if polyurethane is used.

-If you’ve ever wanted to add stripes to your floor but found the process of marking and painting too tedious, consider adding tape to your floor.  Vinyl stripe tape may work as an alternative.

- Consider whether you like muted colors such as pastels, or Island bright colors.  The pastel colors  are easier to pair with wood furniture than brighter, saturated shades.  Kristin choose vintage candy shades which work a bit nicer with wood, traditional furniture such as Queen Anne furniture.   Brighter shades such as seen in the Kate Spade store should be paired with modern furniture such mod styles, Hollywood Regency styles.  Consider pairing brighter shade stripes with glossy black or white furniture.  French furniture, or modern furniture would look exceptional with the looks seen in the Kate Spade store.  Consider working in wood furniture which has a gloss finish, which looks nice against the brighter colors.  The lighter woods, such as pine, may work with the main color white, than the darker richer shades such as mahogany.

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