Moving with Kids? Three Tips to Make It an Easy Transition

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Guest Post By Annette

Moving can be a daunting prospect for anybody, but it can get even more complicated when kids are thrown into the mix. Even hiring the best movers such as Knoxville Movers might not be enough to make the transition into a new home easy for a child, but sometimes it’s something that cannot be avoided. If you are planning on moving into a new home with your children, here are three tips that should hopefully make the transition smoother for them.

Tell Your Children What to Expect

If you have older children, chances are that they will understand the concept of moving to a new home well enough, but that may not be the case for very young children. You are essentially taking them from the only home they know, something that can be difficult for even the most well-adjusted adult. As you prepare for your move, make sure you tell your children what they can expect. Tell them about what their new home is going to be like, or explain to them why you’re moving.

Label Your Children’s Things Very Clearly

There’s nothing worse than losing something that belongs to you in a move, and that can be worse for a child who has favorite toys. When you put all your children’s things into boxes, make sure you label them very clearly so they can be found right away. As always, make this very clear to your children and ensure them their favorite things will be with them in their new home.

Keep Familiar Routines

Moving into a new home can really mess up a person’s daily routine. Not only will you be in a largely unfamiliar place, but until everything is settled and unpacked your life will be thrown into upheaval for a short period. This may or may not be too much for a small child to handle, so make sure you do all you can to stick to familiar routines as much as possible. Keep meal times, bed times and play time as close to what is familiar to them. That can go a long way in helping them feel comfortable in their new home.

Moving to a new home can be an exciting and life-changing experience, but it is usually also a very stressful one, especially for children. Most children will adjust quickly to their new home, but you should always do everything you can to make the process easier for them.

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