Neon Is Back- 80 Ideas For Your Kids Room


80 Pictures Of Brighter Painted FurnitureFluorescents have made their way back into fashion and home decor in a big way. Add vibrancy into your home by using saturated paint shades on your accent chairs, desks, side tables and wall art. With vivid color, there are a couple tricks to getting a bold pop of color without it being overwhelming.....

1. Work with Color Blocking

Color Blocking uses a combination of vivid colors in geometrical designs.  Triangles, circles, rectangles or lines are used in such a way to include 2 or more colors.

How to use this with furniture?

Pair together raw wood and color.  Lighter woods such as pine really seem to nicely off-set bright colors, and give your furniture a trendy appearance.

Use painters tape to create a pattern on a dresser. Cut your own patterns using adhesive (sticky) drawer liners, apply them to furniture, spray paint, and remove the liner stencil.

Paint an accent chair in a neon color, and leave the bottom third of the leg in it's bare wood.

Accent your bright pieces using a bit of metallic paint.  Gold or silver can add a bit of shine to a bright piece of furniture.

2. Use Stencils

Stencils can be an easy way of adding intrigue and pattern to a plain piece of furniture.  Go for something that has an all over pattern such as this herringbone pattern which you can find on Amazon.  Pair together lighter pastel shades with bold neon colors.

3. Use Fluoresents On Accent Pieces

Go for bold pops of color on individual pieces such as accent chairs, display pottery, sculptures and throw pillows. Use Rust-Oleum's Royal Blue on an accent piece such as a desk, or chair.  Take the vibrant shade, and have paint mixed up from your local paint store that is several shades lighter in color, which then can be used on the wall.  The overall look can be gentle, yet quite outspoken, drawing attention to the use of neon in the room.

4. Use Neon With Other "Like Colors"

Pairing neon shades with duller shades can be a way of toning down the appearance.  Camel shades of orange, often seen in leather and lighter shades of wood can be a way of drawing your attention to the color, while at the same time, adding a neutral base which balances the vibrancy of the shade.  Another way of doing this is to pair a bright color with a color in the same family that is duller or lighter.  This also focuses the eye on the brighter colors, while at the same time seems to present itself as gentler.


Antique furniture looks sharp when painted in bright colors.  Antiques Atlas sells an identical pair of 1880 ballroom chairs.

Midas Event Supply sells a natural wood chiavari chair for $49 dollars on Amazon.

- Buy Krylon in Lemon Yellow Fluorescent Paint - Case Of 6 $32 Amazon

- Buy Krylon in Yellow-Orange Fluorescent Paint(Case of 6) $29 Amazon

-Rust-Oleum Professional High Performance Enamel Safety Yellow, $11 per can

Inside-Out-Furniture-by-Minale-Maeda-500x535Inside Out Furniture by Minale-Maeda

Yellow-and-White-Painted-ChestDecorex International 2013 Moissonnier


-Moroccan Wall and Floor Stencil (16 wide x 16" high) on Amazon

- Leopard Wall Stencil (16 wide x 16.4") on Amazon

-Agadir Wall Painting Stencil (13.9 wide x 17" high) Amazon

-Marrakesh Stripe Border Stencil (4.3" high x 14" wide) Amazon

-Cornelius Wall Painting Stencil (15.4 wide x 15.4 high) On Amazon

-Rabat Wall Painting Stencil(16.1 wide x 16.23" high) Amazon

-Amina Wall Painting Stencil (18 wide x 15.89" high) Amazon

-Tatum Wall Painting Stencil (17.5 wide x 17.5 high) Amazon

-Meknes Wall Painting Stencil (13.9 in wide x 17 in) Amazon

-Ascot Houndstooth Wall (15.93 wide x 14.85") Amazon

Chippendale-Mirror-JessicaAllynDesigns-500x681Chippendale Mirror Jessica Allyn Designs


Drawer Carved Wood Wall Table $206 Amazon

-Krylon - Fluorescent Aerosol Paint -Cerise, -Fairytale Pink, Krylon Fusion Plastic Spray Paint

-Z-Line UM-603 Utility Marking Spray Paint, Fluorescent Pink  $8.25 Amazon

Bright Colored Furniture

painted Chippendale Furniture

Brightly Painted Chippendale Furniture- Redesigned by Lotus-Bleu

Indoor Armchair by POLaRT on Gilt Home.

Buy This Chippendale Crown Mark Fairfax Home Desk and Chair Set for $261 on Amazon

Other Pieces In The Chippendale Lines On Amazon:

-Crown Mark Q-Ann Sofa Table- Only $51 On Amazon

-Entrance Hall Table Queen Anne Style $75 on Amazon

-Umbrella Stand- Queen Anne Style $68 Amazon

-*** Outstanding Detail - Queen Anne Style 3Pc Table Set $348 On Amazon

-Queen Anne Five-Drawer Table $247 Amazon

-Ornate Hope Chest Bench $327 Amazon


Rust-Oleum Professional High Performance Enamel Spray Paint, In Royal Blue, Safety Blue and Safety Green On Amazon

- Rust-Oleum Automotive John Deere Farm Equipment Spray, Green $5.79 Amazon

-Rust-Oleum Automotive John Deere Farm Equipment Spray, Specialty Yellow $8.89 Amazon

Neon-Stools-500x658Neon Stools from Wieske Design

Dowood-Table-lamp-at-A+R-here.-500x314Dowood Table lamp at A+R here.


Painted-Furniture-Which-Rooms-in-Your-Home-Do-Well-in-Bright-Hues-Pic-1Awesome Colorful Basement Bedroom Design |Fijer


Neon Duct Tape On Amazon

Bright-Painted-Furniture4More Colors From Z-Line Spray Paint On Amazon

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