Neutral Nursery Decorating Ideas For When You’re Expecting

Gender neutral nursery themes are becoming more prevalent. Even when parents know the sex of the baby, some still prefer not to overdo the blues and pinks. A gender neutral nursery lends itself well to being used for multiple babies and allows parents plenty of creativity. It neatly solves the problem of using one nursery for mixed gender twins and in many cases it’s a décor that’s easier for kids to grow up with. Creating a gender neutral nursery is probably much easier than you think.


Rather than using color as a way to proclaim the sex of your baby, use it for the effect it might have on your baby. Choose bright, happy yellow and white to create a cheerful space. Focus on green to make the nursery look like a garden escape or a leafy jungle. Turquoise can add an interesting touch of energizing color without being associated with either sex. Neutral colors are also an excellent choice. Choose from beige, tan, eggshell white and brown. Pair them with white accents and natural wood tones to create a soothing space that can easily be modified as your child grows older. The beauty of choosing a neutral color scheme is that you can still place colorful pieces in the room. This is useful because it’s inevitable that some friends or relatives will insist on providing pink or blue nursery items.


Parents who opt for gender neutral nurseries have a wide range of choices when it comes to themes. Many of these parents take their inspiration from the natural world and incorporate animals into the nursery. This might mean themes like the jungle, birds or dogs. Some will decorate the nursery to look like a happy day at the zoo. A really creative idea is to go with a circus theme by using stencils and murals on the wall.

Other themes also work well for both genders. Beloved childhood characters are gender neutral, cute and comforting. Consider using Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Peter Rabbit or Winnie the Pooh. Nursery rhymes are also a good choice. Take your inspiration from Mother Goose, and put excerpts from Hickory, Dickory, Dock, Baa Baa Black Sheep or Jack and Jill up on the walls along with stenciled images that depict the rhymes.

Some gender neutral nurseries feature themes like the moon and stars. This can be a colorful but still restful idea that lets you put eye-catching stars on the walls and ceiling. There are also fun ways to use the alphabet in gender neutral nurseries. Place big letter blocks on book shelves and paint cloud shaped letters on the ceiling. You can even stencil a wall border of the alphabet all around the room. If your family is musically inclined, you can also make this into a nursery theme. Frame sheet music on the walls or use photographs of musical instruments. A line of music from a favorite childhood song can be stenciled on the wall. Any of these themes can be paired with a variety of colors, allowing you plenty of latitude to create a unique space for your baby.

Water can be a soothing environment for babies and parents alike, so it might be a great idea to choose a beach or under the sea theme. These can easily be made gender neutral, and most babies enjoy the colorful sea life decorations that can be placed all around the room. Many parents who go this route use real seashells to adorn bookshelves and drawer handles.

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The wonderful thing about gender neutral nurseries is that you don’t have to buy a complete set of anything and you can make many of the components yourself. These nurseries lend themselves very well to your creativity and a hands on approach. Rather than buying a packaged set, you have the freedom to customize your baby’s nursery to reflect your love and devotion. That often means that you can choose to economize in some areas that can make your gender neutral nursery less expensive than a commercially packaged set. With affordability and creativity going for them, it’s no surprise that gender neutral nurseries are becoming increasingly popular.

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