Paint Vintage Furniture With Confidence: 4 Tips From Centsational Girl

This stunning blue bureau comes from the amazing blog -Centsational Girl.

Here are a couple professional painting tips when it comes to painting vintage furniture yourself.

1. Remove All The Hardware Before You Begin Painting. 

- This seems like such an obvious tip, but you would be surprised how many people who turn over painted furniture for a living and leave the hardware in place.  There are a couple reasons for removing the hardware.  One is it allows you to add wax, or brown glaze to a piece without the having to work around the hardware. If you do decide to re-paint the dresser later, you will have a smooth surface to work with.  Most importantly you don't want pockets of paint around the hardware themselves.

2. Fix The Dents, and Veneer Problems....

It is common to find a vintage dresser or table with veneer problems.  Most of the time, you can fix this with wood filler.  Other times the veneer is heavily damaged that a new piece of veneer must be added, or just taken off and sanded really well.

Centsational Girl gives this advice:

"If your piece suffers from holes or dents, you can use wood filler to cover or fill those unsightly blemishes. This is a cosmetic problem easily addressed with wood filler, which allows you to repair scratches, dents, welts and fill holes in your wood furniture before you go about painting it. If you’ve opted for new knobs, often they will fit right in the old holes, but many modern pulls are sized differently than the old hardware. Wood filler is also your best bet for starting over with new hardware."

3.  Use Spray Primer.

I have to say "hats off" to Sensational Girl for using Coverstain in the spray paint.  Coverstain is my favorite primer, because it sticks to pretty much everything.  In addition it can be tinted, and it dries to a matte finish.  It also sands well.  In the past I would tint Coverstain (blue, green yellow ect), paint it on, and then distress my furniture and then add polycrylic as a sealer.  Spraying the primer is a very quick way of getting the primer to stick which can allow you to move on to the next step faster.  Spraying the primer also allows you to get a very even finish quickly.

Centsational Girl gives this advice:

"If you want a paint job that will last, using a good bonding primer is key.  For this dresser, I used spray on Zinsser Cover Stain for a quick application and super smooth finish – it goes on quickly and dries in about 20 minutes. If using the spray version instead of a brush on formula, be sure to work in a well-ventilated area and dispose of your cans according to your local waste regulations. A spray gun nozzle attachment (like shown) available in most paint departments will also assist in more even coverage, plus it prevents finger cramping!"

4.  Buy An Expensive Angle Brush

I have worked with chip brushes my entire life, and paint marks were common to me.  I would have to put in extra hours of over time, sanding out the paint marks because of the inexpensive brushes I was using.  A gentlemen at a local paint store recommended a high quality paint brush, $20 dollars or more, and I thought I would give it a try.  I have to say now, I take back all the recommendations of buying $50 cent chip brushes for furniture or trim.  A quality brush smooths out your brush strokes with professional results.  My brushes have been used for both oil and latex and produce beautiful results.

Centsational Girl gives this advice:

"A high quality angled paint brush is also essential. The last thing you want to be doing is picking loose paintbrush hairs out of your paint, which happens with cheaper brushes so don’t bother with them. You can apply your paint quicker with a foam roller, but you still will end up with edge marks, so I always follow up a roller with a brush. An angled brush also helps get into grooves and crevices better, plus with a steady hand it cuts in straight lines extremely well. If you take good care of it, a good angled brush like Purdy brand brush will last you for years."

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