Potty Train Your Child In 3 Days With This Proven Method

Potty Training in 3 days


Potty training my older daughter Rosie was such an intimidating task and one I had been dreading and avoiding.  The horror stories I had heard from others coupled with the arrival of my younger daughter so close to the time Rosie began showing readiness signs made me nervous. So much so that I began putting the process off.  Now, in hindsight, I have no idea what I was so worried about.

I firmly believe that if a child is truly ready, they can be potty trained in just 3 days! The most well known 3 day method is Fellom's Three Day Method.  However, after researching several methods and then going through the process, this is how we successfully potty trained in only three days.

A child's readiness is the fundamental key to their success.  Each child is ready to train in their own time, with the window of readiness being roughly between 18-36 months of age.  So, how do you know if your child is ready? There are several lists of readiness signs like the ones here and here.  However, after going through the process there are only a few readiness signs I feel are truly necessary before beginning to potty train.

Essential Potty Training Readiness Signs

Language- Your child has to have the language needed to express that they need to use the bathroom. This really only needs to be one word.  When Rosie was first potty trained, she referred to both pee and poo as pee pee. When she needed to go to the bathroom, she would run over and say pee pee.  That was all the language needed to convey that she needed to go.

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