Quick Furniture Updates With Spray Paint

Refurbished-Blue-Oscillating-Electric-Fan-By-Fishbone-Deco-On-Esty(Picture Refurbished Blue Oscillating Electric Fan By Fishbone Deco On Esty)

Spray paint does wonders for improving furniture. In fact, it is the quickest way to decorate! Old toys or sculptures can be sprayed bright colors and added to bookshelves to create a wonderful whimsical appeal. Accent chairs, and play furniture can be spray painted a fun exciting color for the corner of their rooms. Hollywood Regency decorating is famous for spray painting statues and adding brightly colored objects into a room to create a modern appeal. In the past I would always buy my spray paint at the local hardware, but don't discount Amazon because they sell in sets. At the Hardware store, typically a can of spray paint costs around $4-5 dollars. Some brands on Amazon like Krylon are discounted quite a bit on Amazon making it worth while to buy in lots The Rustoleum Metallic Brand (which is the very best in metallic) sells 6 cans for $17., making 3 cans free. You can buy 6 cans of Red Spray paint for 12 dollars from Krylon. Ace hardware Outlet sells a number of wonderful cans of spray paint for less. They have a canary yellow 6 cans for 21 dollars. Or why not go for a punchy orange? Lamps, accent chairs, toys, airplanes, wall frames all can be painted quickly and easily with spray paint.

(I would always suggest wearing a protective mask when spraying with an industrial sprayer, and even a can of spray paint. MSA sells a wonferful respirator for painting that I have bought and loved. Compared to all others, I will be purchasing it again. I take the strap at the back and extend it up over my baseball cap for a secure fit. It is worth the 20 dollars to protect your lungs than risk asthma.)


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