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Mosaic Wall Mirror

Mosaic tiles can really turn a wall mirror into a magnificent work of art--and the project itself isn't as difficult as you might think. The frame that you will be tiling should be flat and smooth so that the glass tiles lay flat when you begin to attach them, so be sure you have one that will work before you start your project. If necessary, remove any paint or stain from the frame, and then place painter's tape around the edges so that you don't accidentally get grout anywhere but on the area you plan to tile. You can purchase tiles for a mosaic project at a craft supply store already broken into pieces or in sheets that you will need to break on your own. If you end up using sheets that you need to break or you want to use recycled ceramic, carefully wrap the ceramic in a towel and break it on a hard service using a mallet or hammer. Once the tiles are broken, you can start placing them on the frame. Spread an even layer of grout onto one area of the frame at a time, smoothing it with a palate knife as needed. Lay the tiles as desired, making sure to leave approximately two millimeters of space in-between them. After you've placed your design, use a tiny spatula to fill in the cracks between the tiles with grout. If you get grout on the surface of the ceramic tiles, you can easily wipe it away with a damp cloth when you're all finished. Allow your tiled frame to dry, and then use a hot glue gun to attach the mirror to it just as you would do with an embellished decorative wall mirror project.

Mirrors provide more than just the means to determine if we’re the fairest of them all – or at least presentable enough to leave the house in the morning. One simple piece can change the entire feel of a room, provide a centerpiece for décor, or even completely alter the perception of a room’s size and space. A simple “check your look” mirror can be designed to have multiple uses, whether fun and funky or practical. Before starting the search for just the right piece to suit your space, ask yourself a few questions:

Do you want something to simply perform a plain and practical function, something to serve only as a decoration, or some combination of both?

Take stock of your home’s décor, and the place you want your new mirror to take in it. Be certain to keep that in mind when you shopping for your piece. This includes size, shape, how it will be presented, and exactly how much you want the eye to be drawn to it.

Do you want something truly off the beaten path, or a piece that’s more akin to the traditional but with a touch creative flair to help it better suit your personality? There are mirrors that run the gambit from the most basic to the wildest, offering something for every taste and need with a little effort.

Take a look at these interesting examples of available mirrors, offering an example of pieces for a wide range of preferences, from the conventional to the truly wild:

A unique work of art can spice up any room in your home--especially when it's functional in addition to being beautiful. So instead of adding another painting, photograph, or sculpture, opt for a new piece of artwork--a decorative wall mirror. Mirrors add light, give the illusion of more space, and can be interesting conversational pieces--especially when they're one-of-a-kind, handmade creations. If you're looking for a fun DIY project that will add some flair to your home, try making your own decorative wall mirror inspired by one of the following suggestions.

Embellished Wall Mirror

You can be as creative as you want to be when making an embellished wall mirror because you can use any number of different embellishments to decorate the frame. You can start out with a new frame that you plan to build upon, or use an old one that you want to reinvent. Begin by sanding the frame to remove any paint or shine from it, and then repaint it using quality acrylic paints found at your local craft supplier. You can paint it one solid color, paint a pattern on it, or give it a vintage or antique look using a variety of special painting techniques. Once you've painted the frame to your liking, use a hot glue gun to affix embellishments to it. Beads, buttons, sequins, seashells, silk flowers, old game pieces, or small metal trinkets are just some of the things you can use to make your decorative wall mirror really stand out. After you've embellished your mirror, allow it to dry and then use your hot glue gun to attach a mirror to the back of the frame. Once the glue has set, hang your new mirror and enjoy!

Etched Wall Mirror

If you'd like to decorate the mirror itself and not just the frame, try etching it. An etched border, corner designs, or even an etching as a focal point are all lovely ways to accent a wall mirror, giving it new life for all to admire. To etch a mirror, wipe the mirror clean using glass cleaner, making sure to remove all fingerprints and surface dirt or markings. When the mirror is completely dry, place an adhesive stencil of the design you've chosen to etch face-down, paper side up on the surface. Use a squeegee, credit card, or driver's license to burnish the stencil to the mirror, utilizing the hard edge to make sure the stencil is smoothly applied. Slowly peel the paper away from the stencil and place masking or painter's tape on the exposed parts of the mirror that you won't be etching to prevent any unwanted markings. Also, because the etching cream you will be using to etch your mirror is highly caustic, wear vinyl gloves to protect your hands and safety goggles to protect your eyes. Working in a ventilated area, gloves and goggles in place, use a paint brush to spread a thick layer of etching cream to the stencil-covered area of your mirror. Take care around the edges of your stencil to make the entire design is filled-in. Allow the cream to sit for fifteen to twenty minutes, or according to the directions found on the etching cream label. Replace your vinyl gloves and use paper toweling to remove the cream, and then use warm water to wash away and excess cream still left on the mirror. Gently remove the stencil and wash your newly etched mirror with glass cleaner before handling or hanging it.

There are many different ways to make your own decorative wall mirror, and the project ideas featured here are just a sampling. Don't be afraid to mix and match projects when making your own wall mirror. The end result will be a stunning work of art unlike any other--one that you'll be proud to hang on your wall.

Guest post from Jean Clark.

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Having small rooms can be very confining, especially when those rooms look as small as they feel. While there are some methods you can use to make the room look bigger, perhaps one of the most effective is using mirrors. By properly placing one or several mirrors in key areas, you can make a room look much brighter and larger. Here are eight of the best ways to use mirrors to increase the size of a room.

Group Them
By grouping several mirrors on one wall, you can create an organized look that increases the size of the room. The group of mirrors tend to look large, especially if you get mirrors that have somewhat thick frames. For this to work, you need to get mirrors that have the same frame color. If one or more mirrors are a different color, then the eye will be drawn only to the frame, and not the entire group. This can make the room look smaller, especially if the two colors are opposites. You just need about three to five mirrors for this to work.

Kitchen Mirror
By making the kitchen a brighter place, you can easily make the room much larger. One of the darker places is behind the stove. While the mirror may collect a residue from cooking, you just need to clean the mirror once or twice a day to keep it looking good.

By gluing some mirrors to the front or top of cabinets, you will make the room much brighter. This can be achieved by using mirrored tiles. This is best for those extra small rooms that really need a boost.

You will need a long and skinny mirror to pull this off. Put the mirror in one of the corners of the room, but turn it on its side. This will take the reflection of the wall, and it will lengthen this. This causes the entire room to look lengthened. For the best effect, do this to two or more sides of the room, as this will create a uniform lengthening that the eye will catch.

Floor Length Mirrors
These are very long mirrors, but they definitely work to increase the size of a room. While you can place a floor length mirror on any wall, it is best to place it behind either a grouping of furniture or objects. This will cause the entire room to feel taller by increasing the size of the wall, and it will bring in a lot of extra light, so beware of windows. You don’t want too much light to come into the room.

Fake Windows
Windows are capable of making a room look larger, but getting windows installed in a room without any windows is more trouble than it’s worth. However, you can take four small or two medium mirror tiles and group them like a common window. This will cause the room to take on extra light, as if there was a window, and the room will increase in size.

Dark Walls
Some rooms have one darker wall, and this often create a sense of depth within the room. This can be augmented by just placing a mirror on that darker wall. It will work with the color, and it will greatly augment this feeling of depth. Placing it towards the middle often does this the best, but you can use the sides, too.

Cover the Wall
This method may be a little drastic and expensive, but you can cover one wall entirely in mirrors to increase the size of the room. Since you will be seeing the other side of the room when looking at the mirrors, it will appear as if the room has doubly increased in size. Unlike the grouping section at the top, this is best with mirrors that don’t have frames.

Mirrors can be used to great effect to help improve the size of a room. By properly placing just a few mirrors, you can improve the light coming into the room and you can artificially increase the size of the room. Try one of the eight methods above, and your room should be looking much better in no time.

Author bio:

Becky Tracy is an avid interior designing blogger and writes for 1 Business Guide.

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Mirrors For Kids Rooms

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