Sharing A Bedroom- Kids Room Decorating Ideas

Children sharing bedrooms is common in most households and so is all the bickering and sibling fights that come with sharing a bedroom. Here are some tips to help you maintain a stylish shared bedroom for your children:

Your kids are growing and they need their space to grow; they especially need their own personal space. Having your own personal space gives them something to call their own and act as a getaway when they need it. In order to create each their own space, their room needs to be organized in the right way to create this.

The easiest way to give them their space is to loft their beds and create a space underneath they can personalize. Lofting works best with twin sized mattress and a lofting kit or you can create your own loft by visiting your local home improvement store. Underneath each lofted bed place a desk or make a reading space that they can use for school or for fun.

It’s understandable that you want the room to be one cohesive style but allow their individual personalities show through different but compliment color comforters, wall prints, pillow and desk accessories. Choose a neutral based theme and allow each child’s individuality to define the overall theme for the room.

For example for two girls: choose a soft lilac on the walls and allow your girls to decide from a supportive color wheel which color they like, rose, yellow or mint green etc. For two boys: choose a navy blue color base and give them colors options of green, lighter blue or even red. For a boy and girl sibling combo: a natural base of cream, yellow or even a light, soft green.

Organization is very important in keeping the shared bedroom from getting even more chaotic than it needs to be. Organize their clothes by dividing the closet with a divider like using different colored hangars. Each child should have their own dresser to put their clothes in and same with laundry baskets. Do your best to keep their clothes and things separate.

There are plenty of storage options that you can find online or in different home goods stores. It takes a lot of creativity and organization to create a stylish room that still stays true to each child’s personality. Remember to allow them to have their own personal style that compliments the overall theme.

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