Striped Wallpaper: Kids Room Decor Ideas

Kids-Room-Decor-Stripes10Wallpaper can be the easiest way to transform a kids room from something plain to something exhilarating.  Working parents often don't have the time and energy spend hours working on a custom faux finish for their children's room.  

Everyone tries faux painting, and it honestly it rarely looks good.  Faux painting is an art of its own, which takes time and study to get the colors just right.  Finishes often take layers of well planned paint colors in order for most finishes to look genuine.  A true faux painter professional spends days on end mastering this talent, and can produce finishes without it looking amateur. 

Most parents rarely have the energy to pick up the toys, let alone spending weeks on a mural.  Wallpaper can be a ONE- day project, making it a project that is easy to see great results after a day of hard work.  Wallpaper will often serve as the majority of the interest in a room.  There doesn't have to be much more to a room when a captivating wallpaper graces the walls.  BEFORE buying wallpaper for your kids room, think about how long the graphic will last on the walls, before your child outgrows it.  Wallpaper is quite easy to put up, but taking it down is an entirely different story.  Consider a pattern which has both the youthful zeal for a 4 year old while being able to endure that energy for a 10 year old.  Striped walls are one of those patterns which never go out of style.  Striped walls transition well through the years as children are small and as they mature into teenagers.    

Don't be afraid of picking a wallpaper that is bright.  Bright, colorful wallpaper works well for small children.  It is youthful, exciting and energetic.  I absolutely love York's Wallpaper 33161 which features 2 shades of pastels, one being a soft coral, and a corn flower muted yellow.  This wallpaper would look spectacular in a girls bedroom.  It would look fantastic to layer in painted furniture in brighter shades of coral which then could be accented in gold.  A pretty painted french desk in melon with gold details would bring out both of the colors in this wallpaper.   Don't be afraid to also paint over top of the wallpaper.  Jeffrey Bilhuber, took chinoiserie wallpaper and added gold accents on the wall.  As your children mature, you can change up the color of the wallpaper by simply painting on a glaze of translucent paint.  Having used Ralph Lauren paint for years, I can say their paint lines are quite impressive.  I often use their brown glaze on my furniture, to give the impression that the finish wasn't painted yesterday.  Brown glaze gives an antique effect, and the tint, however subtle, is dramatic. Brighter wallpaper could be dulled down, giving a totally different effect with a slight color tinge.  Glaze can be ordered in any color.  Be sure to save some of your wallpaper, so if you do decide to use glaze later on, that you can experiment with different paint glazes.


Wallpaper is generally quite easy to apply.  Dip each pre-pasted section into a bit of warm water, then bring it to the wall to apply. The water activates the paste, so there's no fuss and no mess.  In the past I have used a wood ruler to even out the paste under the paper, but it can rip the wallpaper if you are not careful.  A long foam roller,could also serve the same purpose making it quicker to even out the paper.   An exacto knife is an absolute must when hanging wallpaper.  A kit which includes several blades is a good investment for future projects.  A good cork back metal ruler has made my projects over the years easier.  A metal ruler will give you the edge you need to make sharp exact cuts.

Some things to keep in mind when buying wallpaper:

- Double check which way the wallpaper is supposed to hang on the wall.  Many people find they have hung the paper upside down after the room was finished.

- Go for wallpaper that is pre-pasted.  Having to hassle with adding the glue yourself can be a big pain.  Wallpapering isn't complicated when you have pre-pasted wallpaper.

- If you end up picking a pattern which needs to be matched up perfectly for the overall pattern to match, calculate that into your cost.  With repeat patterns  there always will be wastage so you can match the repeat.

Wallpaper York (33161) Stripes Resource SB4838

Wallpaper Patton Wallcovering Stripes & toiles tS28145

Wallpaper Patton Wallcovering Simply Stripes SS28401

Disney Kids Silk Stripe Wallpaper, Pink

Wallpaper Blue Mountain Stripes and Plaids
Sanitas Fun Stripe Wallpaper
Wallpaper Jack Carey Lind Stripes
Wallpaper Jack Carey Lind Stripes and Textures
Wallpaper Blue Mountain Damask,Stripe & toile traditional Multi Stripe

Wallpaper Patton Wallcovering Simply Stripes SS28403
Wallpaper Patton Wallcovering Simply Stripes SS28415
Wallpaper York (33161) Strictly Stripes OS0834
York Wallcoverings Disney Kids Stripe Wallpaper, Green/Cream

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