Summer Craft Projects For Kids

Almost all children love arts and crafts projects, and they're a great activities for keeping summer boredom at bay. Besides that, the art your kids create can be used as fun, colorful, and sometimes even functional accents to decorate your home. If you're looking for some art projects to busy the kids and spice up your living space, give one of these summer craft project ideas a try.

Chinese Lanterns

Chinese lanterns are very simple to make, and kids will enjoy decorating their rooms with them. Because this project requires the use of scissors and glue, be sure to supervise younger children while they make their lanterns. To make a Chinese lantern, have your child choose one sheet of colored construction paper and then fold it in half lengthwise. It should look like a long rectangle. Then direct them with the instructions that follow. Place the folded paper in front of you so that the fold line is closest to you, open ends up. With a pair of child's safety scissors, cut long slits along the fold line towards the open ends of the paper. Make sure you don't cut all the way to the open ends--stop about 1/2" from the edge. Cuts should be spaced approximately 1/2" to 1" apart, and they should resemble the teeth of a wide-toothed comb when finished. Carefully unfold the piece of paper and bring the open edges around to meet each other so your paper forms the shape of the lantern. Use child-safe glue to secure one edge over the other. Then take another sheet of construction paper and cut a long strip, about 6" to 7" long and 1" wide. Glue each end of the strip into the lantern at the top to form a handle. If you wish to personalize your lantern, you can decorate it with crayons, markers, glitter, sequins, and more. To add some summer flair to any room, string several lanterns by their handles onto some colorful yarn and drape them from wall to wall.

Hand-Painted Flower Pots

Children of all ages love to paint, and this easy craft project will allow them to make pretty flowerpots to accent any sunny room in your home. Purchase terra cotta flower pots in a variety of sizes from your local craft supply store, garden center, or discount store and have your children select the pot they would like to decorate. Cover a work area with newspaper, and then place an assortment of paint brushes and non-toxic paints for your child to choose from on the table. Have the kids paint their pots however the wish. Along with painting the pots, children can trim their pots with ribbons or a border of glued on objects like buttons, shells, or small mosaic tiles. Once the pots have dried, you or your child can plant something inside them. Place them in sunny window sills or on counter tops or tables to brighten up any room.

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Seed Mosaics

Could your home use some accents on the walls? Ask your children to make you some interesting wall art with a seed mosaic project. Set little bowls on a covered work area, and fill each one with a different type of seed or dried bean. You could even fill one of the bowls with whole cloves. Using child-safe glue, have your child make a mosaic on a piece of heavy tag-board by using the seeds and beans as the medium for their picture. To make it easier, have them draw out their picture with a pencil first, and then glue the seeds and beans on one by one to complete their mosaic art.

Wildflower Placemats

Another fun and easy summer craft project for kids is to make their own placemats. Have your children gather pretty flowers and greens from your yard or garden or provide them with some flowers and greens made of fabric or plastic. On a sheet of colored paper, children can draw or paint and then arrange and glue their flowers and greens into patterns or at random. Once the paint and glue have dried, the placemats can be sealed and protected with contact paper. Working with contact paper can be tricky, so help your child by peeling off the paper backing and then laying the contact paper down flat--sticky side up. Place the artwork on the contact paper, and then sandwich it by placing another piece of contact paper to the other side, sticky side down. Trim the excess contact paper from the edges and the placemats will be ready to use.

Summer craft projects provide wonderful opportunities for children to learn how to do something new--and any one of these projects is sure to spark their creativity as well. Best of all, they'll be proud to see their newly created masterpieces displayed throughout the home.

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