Nursery Furniture Worth Your Cash

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Guest Post Zoe Clark

Nursery décor is in most cases a touch-and-go task – but it gets even trickier if you are short on cash. It is only natural that moms and dads want only the fanciest of […]

A Touch of Pantone for a Charming Nursery Décor

For a charming nursery makeover, tap into the power of Pantone’s color palette this spring! Rose quartz and serenity are ideal hues for kids’ rooms, and they will create a perfect backdrop for playtime and peaceful dreams. Baby blue will look very suave in a boy’s room, while muted pink notes will enchant your […]

7 of the Coolest Kids’ Rooms

Photo Credit: Design and DIY Magazine

Guest Post By Jane Blanchard

There’s only one room in the house that tends to serve as both a playroom and bedroom alike — that’s the kids’ room. Fellow parents: wouldn’t it be awesome for kids to have a retreat […]

How to Make Your Kids Organized Through Room Decorations

Jen of I Heart Organizing put together two Ikea expedits bookshelves to create a corner storage piece. She used an upholstered cushion for seating as well, and the shelving holds ten storage baskets — enough to hold a playroom full of toys.

Kids and toddlers need a lot more attention to build their […]

How to Find the Right Mattress for a Child

Designer Leta Austin Foster

Because there are several factors to keep in mind when selecting the right mattress for your child, deciding which one to buy can be somewhat challenging. Unlike a bicycle or a pair of tennis shoes, a mattress is something that your child should be able to use for many […]