Five Fun Accessories for Your Kid’s Room

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From Belclaire House Blog

Kids love the opportunity to express themselves. What better way to bring out their creative side than to let them choose some fun accessories for their bedroom? You can help make their choices fun and functional by using some of these ideas […]

Decoupage Is Simple! Update Your Kids Furniture

Moissonnier French Furniture

Decoupage is easier than you think. The only way it becomes complicated is if you pick an ornate dresser. There is some hope for that vintage dresser you are considering donating to your thrift store. Vintage modern dressers would be very practical pieces to decoupage, because the lines are […]

Decoupage Map Wallpaper Dressers & Kids Map Decor

Have you thought about incorporating maps into the decor plan for your child’s room? When my husband was a child, he would spend hour after hour staring up at the world map that his parents had put up on his bedroom wall. All of those hours resulted in him learning world geography […]