8 Ways To Get Your Kids Room Organized

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Helen Norman BHG May 2015

Any parent will know and understand the cry “Clean your room!” or “tidy your room”. There is a constant battle between lost parents and their children as you try to instill a sense of value and respect for both […]

10 Simple DIY Projects to Add Fun to Your Kid’s Room

Fox light switch and outlet covers – Found on onekingslane.com

Do it yourself projects often feel overwhelming, especially if you have kids. However there are many DIY projects that take only a few minutes and a couple of materials that can make a big impact in […]

3 Ways To Create Maximum Space In Your Kid’s Room

Repurposed Furniture by Isabel Quiroga

Guest Post Annette

Keeping a child’s room organized and nice-looking can be problematic at times. Often times, a child’s room is dimensionally small. Given that children have several toys and other items, a room can look like a disaster within a matter of minutes. The key to making […]