How To Buy Kids Room Furniture On A Shoestring Budget

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Animal Alphabet Decal –

Guest Post Jason Phillips

Every child grows up, usually far faster than a parent would like them too. It can quickly become apparent that your son or daughter no longer wants friends around to visit as their room […]

5 Ways to Splash A Little Fun On Your Child’s Walls

Ellen Niven Love Is Speed Blog

When it comes to decorating a child’s room you want to make sure it is safe for them as well as cute. While traditional art has sharp edges and can be damaged by curious hands, there are many other ways to decorate the walls. […]

How to Make Your Kids Organized Through Room Decorations

Jen of I Heart Organizing put together two Ikea expedits bookshelves to create a corner storage piece. She used an upholstered cushion for seating as well, and the shelving holds ten storage baskets — enough to hold a playroom full of toys.

Kids and toddlers need a lot more attention to build their […]

How To Repair Damaged Mirrors

A Sixties Surfer-Chic Beach House -House Beautiful

So you bought an antique or used mirror at an affordable price. The only problem is that the mirror is damaged. You love the frame and the glass; you just want the mirror not to have black marks or scratches. What do you do? Here are […]

Five Fun Accessories for Your Kid’s Room

From Belclaire House Blog

Kids love the opportunity to express themselves. What better way to bring out their creative side than to let them choose some fun accessories for their bedroom? You can help make their choices fun and functional by using some of these ideas in your kid’s bedroom. Here are […]

How to Find the Right Mattress for a Child

Designer Leta Austin Foster

Because there are several factors to keep in mind when selecting the right mattress for your child, deciding which one to buy can be somewhat challenging. Unlike a bicycle or a pair of tennis shoes, a mattress is something that your child should be able to use for many […]

Christina Aguilera’s Candy Pink Closet

Instyle Magazine featured a story way back in their October 2009 issue on Christina Aguilera and husband (Music Producer) Jordan Bratman’s massive 11,000 square foot home, which sits in the Beverly Hills, California. Who knew Christina Aguilera was such an old style Hollywood glamour girl? Among all the photos featured, her candy pink closets were […]